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“To make growth sustainable, it has to be accompanied by structural transformation. Rwanda is a country that is on a transformative path. At the moment, the Rwandan economy is growing at eight per cent. This has been sustained over a number of years. Rwanda has taken policy measures that translate growth into poverty reduction. If you look at the past three or four years, they have been able to almost cut poverty by half. It puts them on track to achieving the Millennium Development Goals.”

Catégories: Rwanda, Gouvernance économique et financière, Transformation structurelle


“Having our expertise shared more regionally and having people available for consultation and advice to the governments is a big benefit. I’m hoping those countries that have the regional centres we have established are going to really take advantage of these resources.”

Catégories: Rwanda, Gouvernance économique et financière


« J’ai trouvé chez tous les intervenants un consensus sur le distinguo fondamental à faire entre une approche basée sur les transferts sociaux afin de diminuer la pauvreté et une autre approche qui vise à créer les conditions, pour ceux qui sont exclus de la croissance, d’y contribuer et d’en bénéficier ».

Catégories: Tunisie, Rwanda, Gouvernance économique et financière

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