Message du Président Donald Kaberuka - « Le droit : un outil essentiel pour promouvoir la croissance économique et le développement »


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Edition 2013 de la Semaine “Droit, justice et développement”, Washington D.C., Etats-Unis

Good morning distinguished ladies and gentlemen:

Today’s event is very important to the African Development Bank Group, and I believe the whole of Africa. Let me thank the World Bank Group for getting this together.

I would have loved to be present.

Therefore, it is with much regrets that I am unable to be with you in person. I trust you will accept my sincere apologies for not being present at today’s Africa Day event.

I believe you would also permit my Welcome Address to be pronounced on my behalf by the Vice President-Secretary General of the AfDB Group, Cecilia Akintomide.

But let me add a few words as prelude to what Cecilia Akintomide is about to tell you.

Africa is at a turning point.  Ten years ago Africa was said to be the hopeless continent, and now by the same sources the hopeful continent. There are great economic opportunities, and in harnessing these opportunities, the role of law or more specifically the rule of law is central.

Getting from the turning point to the tipping point revolves around what we call the three Is: 

Institution, Integration and Infrastructure. Building Institutions is about rule of law to be accomplished.

Today’s event is yet another opportunity to explore emerging legal issues relating to resource mobilization, trade and investment as well as the more several issues germane to Africa’s development. Thank you for your attention.

I wish you a successful Africa Day, today.

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