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17/12/2018 - The African Development Bank’s Board has approved additional funding support of €115 million to Rwanda’s Sustainable Water Supply and Sanitation Program, enabling 1.5 million people to access improved, reliable and sustainable water supply services.

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06/12/2018 - “Economic integration is a game-changing reality and African countries must fully embrace it to achieve sustainable and inclusive development that reduce poverty and inequality in all its dimensions.” This is the main conclusion of the 2018 African Economic Conference (AEC), which closed Thursday in Kigali, Rwanda.

Catégories: Rwanda, Intégration régionale

05/12/2018 - The latest report on Africa’s sustainable development urges governments to strengthen their urban planning capacities to manage the potential of the region’s ever-expanding cities and address environmental challenges including climate change, droughts and floods.

Catégories: Rwanda, Changement climatique, Environnement

05/12/2018 - The African Governance Report 2018 has called for better management of the continent’s natural resources to match the expected yields generated by the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

Catégories: Rwanda, Intégration régionale, Centre africain des ressources naturelles

05/12/2018 - Jean-Guy Afrika, a Principal Trade Expert at the African Development Bank, has tasked researchers on the continent to provide quality evidence-based studies that can help policymakers and citizens to achieve the best outcomes from regional integration and the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

Catégories: Rwanda, Intégration régionale

04/12/2018 - Au premier jour de la Conférence économique africaine (AEC) qui se tient du 3 au 5 décembre 2018 à Kigali, au Rwanda, des chercheurs ont plaidé pour l’émergence d’un leadership économique sur le continent afin de parvenir à une intégration réussie. Cette intervention a eu lieu lors d’une session plénière autour du thème Accélérer l’intégration régionale inclusive.

Catégories: Rwanda, Intégration régionale

04/12/2018 - Participants at the 13th African Economic Conference have called for African countries to leverage the full range of their strengths and resources to accelerate the region’s drive towards continental integration.

Catégories: Rwanda, Intégration régionale

03/12/2018 - Professor Paul Collier, one of the world’s most influential development economists, warns that Africa’s “easy decade” of accelerated economic growth is coming to an end, and only accelerated job creation and integration will ensure sustainable growth and development across the continent.

Catégories: Rwanda, Les jeunes

03/12/2018 - Gabriel Negatu is the Director General for East Africa Regional Development and Business Delivery Office at the African Development Bank. Representing the Bank Group President at the 13th African Economic Conference in Kigali (3-5 December), he speaks of the institution’s new Regional Integration Strategic Framework.

Catégories: Rwanda, Infrastructures, Intégration régionale

03/12/2018 - Africa’s integration is no longer a matter of choice. Against an international backdrop of changing political and economic priorities, Africa must plot a new course for its industrialisation and economic development, using the momentum of regional integration.

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