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Un rapport d’achèvement de projet primé à la semaine de l’évaluation de la BAD

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The Dar es Salaam water supply and sanitation project completion report (PCR) has won an Award for Best Project Completion Report from the African Development Bank (AfDB).

The award ceremony took place on 24 November 2011 in Tunis, to mark the end of the AfDB's Evaluation Week, organized by the Operations evaluation department (OPEV).

“It is the second edition of an OPEV award dedicated to recognizing the team that delivered the best quality project completion report,” said Operations evaluation department director, Mr. Franck Perrault. He described the award as a crucial factor for recognition for high quality PCRs, which are "tangible knowledge products for our institution”. He stressed the importance of high standard PCRs for the institution's reputation as a Knowledge Bank.

OPEV task manager and panel facilitator, Foday Turay, revealed the criteria that led to the choice of the Tanzania report and said: “We found this report to have a clear, objective and comprehensive storyline.  It had not only a sound analysis of achievements and shortcomings but also credible and potentially useful lessons learned.”

The project covered the metropolitan area of Dar es Salaam, which has a population of more than four million people. Approximately, USD 170 million was invested into the project, 30 percent of which came from the African Development Bank, 25 percent from the European Investment Bank, 40 percent from the World Bank and five percent from the Tanzanian government.

Echoing Mr. Franck Perrault, Mr. Simon Mizrahi, the director of the Quality assurance and results department (ORQR) underscored that high quality PCRs will enable the Bank to learn from its successes and failures.  He commended OPEV for establishing the prize, stressing that from a low rate of PCR submissions a few years ago, today 90 percent of Bank reports were produced within stipulated deadlines.

For his part, the regional director, Mr. Gabriel Negatu, added that the report was prepared in a challenging environment, and affirmed that it was a good example of a PCR conducted with limited resources. He stressed, however that the key challenges would be to incorporate lessons for the design of future projects, to ensure quality at entry.

Operations Vice President, Mr. Aloysius Ordu, chaired the award ceremony and extended his warmest congratulations to the team who prepared the report  for scooping the prize on the eve of Tanzania’s 50th independence anniversary, which he said was  “ another good reason for celebration today”. 

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