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Testimonies of students at International University of Grand-Bassam


Four students from the International University of Grand Bassam (UIGB), located some 30 kilometres to the south of Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, explain how the programme prepared them for studies abroad.

Kingbewe Windi: “International University of Grand-Bassam is really a pole of excellence”

I spent two years at the International University of Grand Bassam (UIGB) prior to flying to Central Arkansas University, where I have just graduated in finance. I got a good background here in UIGB that enabled me to be among the best students. The program at UIGB is very interesting and I had no problem coping with the syllabus in the USA. International University of Grand-Bassam is really a pole of excellence. Lecturers are good here. From my experience, I would say that UIGB only needs more facilities (laboratories for physics and a bigger library). Students also need a fitness centre, because when you study intensely, you need to relax. 


Valencia Lonzo Kouamé: “UIGB trains us to take part in building Africa and I feel the training is correct.”

I took business economics at the International University of Grand-Bassam, and was transferred to Georgia State University. For me, UIGB only lacks high technology, space for students, lots of infrastructure and a bigger library. I will definitely go through UIGB, because it was a strong foundation for my success. As a pure product of the Ivorian educational system, I had never been to an English-speaking country, but I was one of the best at Georgia State University. I got quality training at the UIGB. UIGB trains us to take part in building Africa and I feel the training is correct.


Mohamed Niangadou: “UIGB students are competitive”

I am currently at Georgia State University, pursuing the Master’s program. International University of Grand-Bassam has provided me with many perspectives. What UIGB only needs is high-speed internet and a much bigger library. With my experience at UIGB and Georgia State University, I think UIGB students are competitive.



Adou Kouakou Donatien : “A l’UIGB, on nous inculque l’esprit critique”

Je prends des cours de sciences économiques actuellement. Je viens d’achever mes études en sciences politiques. Je pense que je suis bien formé et apte à aller sur le marché du travail. Ce qui m’intéresse surtout à l’UIGB, c’est qu’on nous inculque l’esprit critique. Moi personnellement, j’ai fait l’expérience lors de mon stage en entreprise et mes parents étaient fiers des bonnes impressions de mon employeur. 

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