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04/06/2018 - Inspired by Korea’s successful, rapid industrialization, the World Bank and the African Development Bank have pledged to increase investments in education, in financing for innovative technologies, in science and technology laboratories, and in providing risk guarantees to support initiatives to propel Africa’s industrialization.

Catégories: Corée, Rwanda, Technologies de l'information et de la communication, Partenariats, Infrastructures, Transports, Le président

30/04/2018 - Rehema Tukai a grandi à Kondoa et travaille à Dodoma, la capitale tanzanienne. Jusqu’ici, il lui fallait entreprendre un trajet de cinq heures sur une route escarpée et poussiéreuse pour rendre visite à sa famille à Kondoa. Désormais, le même trajet ne lui prend qu’un peu plus d’une heure, grâce à une nouvelle route cofinancée par la Banque africaine de développement.

Catégories: Japon, Tanzanie, Partenariats, Infrastructures, Transports, Intégration régionale, Le président

26/04/2018 - At a national event at Jamhuri Stadium in Tanzania’s capital, Dodoma, marking the 54th anniversary of the United Republic of Tanzania – the union of the Republic of Tanganyika and the People’s Republic of Zanzibar – Tanzania’s President John Pombe Magufuli praised the African Development Bank for financing projects that have had a transformative impact in his country.

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  • De: 24/04/2018
  • A: 29/04/2018
  • Lieu: Tanzania (Dar es Salam and Dodoma), and Kigali, Rwanda

President Akinwumi Adesina is attending the 2018 anniversary of the union between the Republic of Tanganyika and the People’s Republic of Zanzibar that gave birth to the United Republic of Tanzania.

Catégories: Tanzanie, Rwanda, Gouvernance économique et financière, Partenariats, Transports, Infrastructures, Le président

09/04/2018 - Les hauts représentants de compagnies aériennes africaines, d’organisations du secteur aéronautique, d’autorités de l’aviation civile et de ses instances de réglementation, de constructeurs d’aéronefs, de financiers et de partenaires au développement se sont réunis à l’initiative de la Banque africaine de développement pour discuter de l’avenir de l’aviation en Afrique.

Catégories: Transports

03/04/2018 - Partnerships have been crucial in the successful overall implementation of the African Development Bank’s (AfDB) projects in Angola. It is to give an impetus to the Bank’s cooperation with the country that, the Bank’s Country Manager, Dr. Joseph Martial Ribeiro, on 29 March 2018 in Luanda, called on the Transport Minister, Dr. Augusto Tomás.

Catégories: Angola, Partenariats, Intégration régionale, Transports

19/03/2018 - The African Development Bank, the European Union (EU) Delegation in Rwanda, Embassy of Japan in Rwanda and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) joined the Government of Rwanda to launch the rehabilitation and widening of the Kagitumba-Kayonza-Rusumo road works in the Eastern province of Rwanda.

Catégories: Rwanda, Japon, Partenariats, Transports, Infrastructures

20/12/2017 - The African Development Bank is taking the lead in facilitating the takeoff of one of Africa’s largest infrastructure project − the US $ 5 billion Nacala corridor rail and port project.

The Bank will support the project with US $ 300 million from its Private Sector Window.

Catégories: Mozambique, Zambie, Malawi, Intégration régionale, Transports

13/12/2017 - To help speed up travel and transportation in Namibia, the Board of the African Development Bank has approved a loan of ZAR 2,000 million (US$ 153 million) to the Government of Namibia to upgrade a 210km stretch of railway in the west of the country. The support will also finance the upgrade of a section of the road from the capital, Windhoek, to its international airport.

Catégories: Namibie, Transports, Infrastructures

11/12/2017 - Thousands of small and medium enterprises in Mauritius will benefit from a US $100-million loan to the country from the African Development Bank.

The Bank approved the loan through its public sector window to MauBank Holdings Ltd. in Mauritius to expand its SME business across sectors and foster private sector investments in a wide range of sectors, such as manufacturing, trade, agriculture, aquaculture, ICT and transport. The facility will promote inclusive growth in the country.

Catégories: Île Maurice, The High 5s, Technologies de l'information et de la communication, Transports, Agriculture et agro-industries

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