Speech Delivered by President Akinwumi A. Adesina Joint Interactive Session with the Minister of Finance of Italy, Giovanni Tria, at the Ministry of Finance, Rome, Italy, 6th December 2018

Good morning everyone. Thank you Minister of Finance, Giovanni Tria, for inviting me to this special session with you this morning. Yesterday we had a great day at the Ministry of Finance with Governors of the African Development Bank, as we discussed Africa’s development and prospects.   Today, you have gathered here an impressive number of personalities, to discuss Africa. I can say clearly, that Africa is on your mind – and that makes be very happy!   I know you all will be keen to know more about developments in Africa, the role of the African development Bank,...

Unlocking Africa’s Agricultural Potential to Create Wealth

Dr. Jose Graziano da Silva, Director-General of the Food and Agricultural Organization, the President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development, the Executive Director of the World Food Program Your Excellencies, esteemed Ambassadors here in Rome, African Permanent Representatives to Rome-based international agencies, Heads of other international institutions and non-governmental organizations, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, I am very thankful to the FAO Director-General, my brother and friend Jose Graziano da Silva, for giving me this opportunity to give this...

AfDB to host the Friends of Zimbabwe Roundtable in Tunis

The African Development Bank (AfDB) will host the Friends of Zimbabwe Roundtable, to discuss economic and political developments in the country on 23 March. The meeting will also focus on the prospects of dealing with the country's external debt arreears.  The presentation of the Zimbabwe Accelerated Arrears, Debt and Development Strategy (ZAADDS) is a useful framework to address the issue of Zimbabwe’s external debt. ZAADDS is a key element of the government’s economic reform agenda. “It is clear that Zimbabwe cannot rehabilitate its infrastructure and move forward with its socio-...

AfDB at the World Summit on Food Security

Rome, 17 November 2009 – The World Summit on Food Security, which is being held in Rome between 16 and 18 November 2009, is being fully supported by the African Development Bank (AfDB). The Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Jacques Diouf, proposed that this Summit should agree on key actions to tackle the food insecurity situation. As he said “the silent hunger crisis — affecting one sixth of all of humanity — poses a serious risk for world peace and security. We urgently need to forge a broad consensus on the total and rapid eradication of hunger in the...

La BAD au Sommet du G8

L'Italie, qui a pris la présidence du G8 le 1er janvier 2009, est chargé d'accueillir et d'organiser non seulement le sommet annuel, mais aussi les réunions préparatoires avant le sommet de trois jours, qui se tiendra du 8 au 10 juillet 2009.  Favoriser le développement durable et la lutte contre la pauvreté dans les pays les moins avancés est une priorité des chefs d'État et de gouvernement du G8. De nombreuses initiatives de développement ont été lancées et soutenues par le G8, d'abord et avant tout en faveur de l'Afrique. La Banque africaine de développement a joué un rôle central...

Impact of International Financial Crisis on Infrastructure Development in Africa to be Analysed at Landmark Meeting in Rome

The organisation that works to enhance and accelerate the development of Africa’s infrastructure is to hold its annual meeting next week – focusing on the impact of the international financial crisis on Africa as a key issue on the agenda. The 5th Annual Meeting of the Infrastructure Consortium for Africa (ICA), which helps improve lives and economic well-being on the continent by encouraging, supporting and promoting increased investment in infrastructure in Africa, will take place in Rome from 10-11 March 2009.   Hosted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the meeting will...

Rome, 3 juin 2008 - Allocution du Président du Groupe de la BAD au sommet sur la crise alimentaire

Allocution de M. Donald KABERUKA, Président de la Banque africaine de développement, à l’occasion du Somment de Rome sur la Crise Alimentaire, Rome, Italie, 3 juin 2008

Rome - 13 février 2008 - Allocution du président de la BAD à la 30e session anniversaire du conseil des gouverneurs du FIDA

Rome - 13 février 2008 - Allocution du président de la BAD à la 30e session anniversaire du conseil des gouverneurs du FIDA