Project Details
ID: P-AO-AAF-001 Name: ARTISANAL FISHERIES PROJECT Status: Closed Country: Angola
Sector: Agriculture Approval date: 27-nov-1986 Task Manager: DERU Jacques, OSAN1
Total cost: 19773000
Currency: UAC
Source(s) of financing
AfDB: 15393000
Government: 4392000
Implementing Agency: MINISTERE DES PECHES Location: "Luanda, Benguela and Baia Farta"


To increase fish production and improve product quality; to strengthen the administrative capacity of the Ministry of Fisheries; to contribute towards improving the balance of payment.


The original project comprised the following components: construction of 10 purse seiners, establishment of a fisheries centre in Benguela, rehabilitation of 7 existing tuna vessels, rehabilitation and extension of freezing, canning and quay facilities in Baia Farta: The project was launched with a considerable delay due to various problems concerning the fulfillment of the loan conditions. A further delay has been caused by a necessary reorientation of the project, due to the fact that two of the main project components - respectively the tuna purse seiners and the freezing/canning equipment for Baia Farta in the meantime had been implemented by the Spanish Government. These two components represented about 30 % of the total project costs. A project reorientation mission was carried out in November 1990, and the frame of the reoriented project was approved by the Bank in February 1991. A detailed list of goods and services is to be prepared by the Goverment. The reoriented project comprise the following components : Procurement of new fibre glass vessels 4,470 UA 000 Atlantico factory, Baia Farta 1 3,450 Fisheries centre, Benguela 3,000 Technical assistance and training 2,200 Supervision and preliminary studies 775 Project management and administration 600 Subtotal 14,495 Physical contingencies 1,400 Price contingencies 3,878 Total 19,773 1) Rehabilitation of infrastructure facilities, extension of quay facilities, extension of quay facilities, fish meal plant and replacement of vehicles.


Ministry of Fisheries, department of artisanal fisheries (Gabinete de Gestao e Execucao do Projecto de Pesca Artisanal).


There are considerable unexploited resources in the near shore regions, and a considerable parts of these resources can for technical and legal reasons only be exploited by an artisanal fleet. There is a considerable uncovered demand of fish in Luanda and other urban regions, and a development of the artisanal fisheries can improve this situation.