Project Details
ID: P-AO-C00-001 Name: NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT PLAN Status: Completed Country: Angola
Sector: Environment Approval date: 09-juil-2003 Task Manager: KHUMBANYIWA Andsone Grandsone, RDGS4
Total cost: 936760
Currency: UAC
Source(s) of financing
ADF: 850300
Government: 86460


The objective of the study is to prepare an investment programme with a priority action plan destined to address immediate environmental needs and to review the state of the environment with a view of establishing an environmental information management system.


The Study, which will take one year, will be carried out in two Phases.
Phase I, which will take 7.5 months including review of the draft reports, will involve a diagnosis of the problems and issues facing the sector including the establishment of an environmental information management system. Phase II, which will take 4.5 months, will contribute to the identification of broad-based investment programme in which the Bank and other donors can be of assistance. Results of the proposed environmental review will be incorporated in the draft NEAP.


The results of the proposed environmental review will guide the government in formulating and adopting appropriate policies and procedures and institute the necessary reforms and legislation for the sustained development of natural resources. It will be designed to address the immediate as well as longterm needs for environmental management and will form the basis to future programs and projects, which will be subject to periodic review and updating.


The proposed study will assist the government in improving the quality of life through the promotion of a sustainable social and economic development. This complies with the GOA Strategy for Poverty Alleviation and the National Policy for Socio-Economic Development. The study is also in line with the Banks policy and strategy to direct assistance for poverty reduction incorporating environmental considerations in operations in the public sector. It also complies with the Banks En vironmental Policy, which advocates decentralization and community participation. The study will also recommend proper measures to set up an enabling environment for private sector participation. It will involve an assessment of the long and medium term requirements for sound environmental management in the country and establishes a strategic plan for optimal development activities.
The study is also intended to highlight the crosscutting issues of gender equality, social equity and environmental sustainability to be integrated in the specific study outputs. Participatory approaches will be adopted through consultations with various stakeholders by carrying out seminars and workshops in order to incorporate stakeholders views.
Finally, The proposed study shall cover all the important and priority actions geared towards institutional strengthening. It is intended to be a guide not only for the continuing process of environmental planning, but also to the national authorities in charge of development planning for integrating environmental co nsiderations into sector development plans. Furthermore, it is expected that the donor community will draw on the results of the study for environmental information and analysis for their own pla nning purposes.