Project Details
ID: P-BJ-BB0-001 Name: FLUDOR-BENIN S.A., COTONOU Status: Completed Country: Benin
Sector: Ind/Mini/Quar Approval date: 08-déc-1997 Task Manager: M'PENG BAYOI Daniel Constant, PISD2
Total cost: 9193000
Currency: UAC
Source(s) of financing
ADF: 1534054.09
AfDB: 200000
Implementing Agency: FLUDOR BENIN S.A. Location: Cotonou


Establishment and operation of a factory cotton oil production. Marketing the products.


Construction and operation of a factory for the production of 1) Oil made from cotton seed ( at a rate of 40 tons refined oil per day). 2) Cotton oil cake ( 100 tons per day).


Agro-business support


Support of Private Sector Development in Benin for a financially viable project.