Project Details
ID: P-BJ-EA0-001 Name: ETUDE D'AMENAG. PLANS D'EAU SUD BENIN Status: Completed Country: Benin
Sector: Water Sup/Sanit Approval date: 16-juil-1997 Task Manager: BOEDTS Bruno Marie Jean J., RDGW4
Total cost: 1085000
Currency: UAC
Source(s) of financing
ADF: 1085000


Technical --------- Rehabilitation of structures affected by the conflict has been proposed by the PIU. However, supervision missions have not visited sites beyond Freetown due to the conflict, and the state of infrastructure will need to be assessed. The mission will therefore need to carryout field visits to selected sites beyond Freetown, to determine the extent of the damage and rehabilitation required and validate the costs proposed by the PIU. Financial --------- The revision of Lists of Goods and Services has been carried out and approved by the Bank on 23 December 1999. However, audits for the project are still outstanding. The PIU has requested the approval of a shortlist of audit firms, and the TORs will need to be discussed and approved by the Bank. Management ---------- As the project draws to a close, the implementation schedule will need to be reviewed against the funds programmed and revised accordingly. Particular attention needs to be given to the Civil Works programme, to complete rehabilitation of schools destroyed during the recent conflict. Staffing of the PIU and other management issues have been reviewed, and the contract of the project manager extended to 31 December 2000.