Project Details
ID: P-KE-KE0-001 Name: "EL NINO" INFRA. REHAB. PROJECT Status: Closed Country: Kenya
Sector: Multi-Sector Approval date: 12-nov-1998 Task Manager: JALLOW Sering Baboucarr, RDGE4
Total cost: 14300000
Currency: UAC
Source(s) of financing
ADF: 11520000
Cofinanced: 1350000
Government: 1430000
Implementing Agency: EL NINO EMERGENCY PROJECT (ENEP) Location: "Western, Eastern and Nyanza Provinces"


To restore vital socio-economic infrastructure to counteract the effects of the El Nino.


1. Supply of water treatment chemicals to treat polluted traditional supplies and replace lost stocks. 2. Replacement of damaged equipment in the water resources monitoring network in the five water basins. 3. Rehabilitation of water supply systems in 33 towns/villages spread over 13 districts in Eastern, Western and Nyanza provinces. 4. Rehabilitation of about 405 km of 74 rural roads including some bridges, culverts, drifts, and embankments, and protecting them. 5. Consultancy services for detailed designs, supervision of works and technical, financial and management audits.


The project will restore reliable and safe water supplies to the majority of the 1.3 million people living in 33 towns and villages, in 13 districts in 3 provinces in the project area. It will provide water supplies for agriculture and other economic activities. The hygiene and health situation will be improved, and the time spent by women collecting water and attending to the sick children suffering from water borne diseases will be reduced enabling them to engage in other productive activities. The increased water availability will also aid horticultural activities and livestock rearing for consumption and income generation. The rehabilitation of the roads will ease movement in the project area for the inhabitants and their agricultural produce and farm inputs, a significant benefit for these mainly agricultural communities. It will also ease trade in the area. It will improve the socio-economic conditions of the roads in the areas concerned by improving accessibility to schools, hospit als and various cultural and social centres. The project will also generate substantial employment opportunities during the construction period.