Project Details
ID: P-ZM-D00-001 Name: FIRST ROAD PROJECT Status: Closed Country: Zambia
Sector: Transport Approval date: 15-Feb-1990 Task Manager: TURAY Samuel, OINF2
Total cost: 16227886
Currency: UAC
Source(s) of financing
ADF: 12820000
Cofinanced: 1640000
Government: 2390000
Implementing Agency: MINISTRY OF WORKS AND SUPPLY Location: Eastern Province (Construction Works)


1. Overall Objectives: The project supports the Government's transport sector objectives to improve the road network of the country in order to develop their full socio-economic potential as well as to ensure their political and administrative integration with the rest of the country. 2. Specific Objective: The objectives of the project are : i) to sustain good road communications facilities between Lusaka Province and Eastern Province in Zambia, and with Zambia and Malawi; (ii) reduce vehicle operating costs, to prolong the life of the road and to reduce road maintenance costs; to strengthen the short and long term capability of the GOZ Roads Department to manage its road programme; and (iii) establish the maintenance needs of the national road network and the appropriate resource requirements.


The project comprises: i) the resurfacing and selective reconstruction of the carriageway of the 580 kms long road between Lusaka, Chipata and the Malawi border together with the rehabilitation of shoulders, drainage and associated components of the road; ii) consultancy services for pre-contract services and supervision of the construction works; iii) the provision of technical assistance and training services to the Roads Department, and the recruitment and training of Zambia post-graduate engineers for the Roads Department; and iv) Road Maintenance, Organisation and Training study, covering the rural road network of Zambia and resources for its maintenance.


In addition to the economic benefits outlined in the report the proposed project will bring about other benefits which are not easily quantifiable. The improved road will make it possible for vehicles to attain higher travelling speeds and thus save time. The time so saved can be put to productive uses.


Previously, the Bank Group had assisted the transport sector in Zambia through two loans to the railway sub-sector. It was considered appropriate to wichen the assistance to the sector by also providing financing for the rehabilitation of the road network.