Project Details
ID: P-ZM-DC0-002 Name: REHAB. O ZAMBIA RAILWAYS PHASE II (ADB) Status: Completed Country: Zambia
Sector: Transport Approval date: 11-déc-1985 Task Manager: TURAY Samuel, OINF2
Total cost: 84015000
Currency: UAC
Source(s) of financing
AfDB: 20000000
Cofinanced: 40821000
Government: 23194000
Implementing Agency: ZAMBIA RAILWAYS LTD OFFICE OF THE FINANCE MANAGER Location: Livingstone-Nkane Kitwe Mainline


1. Overall Objectives: The aim of the project is to improve further the operational efficiency of ZRL by providing replacement of life expired material and equipment needed to meet the traffic demands, providing material and spare parts for maintenace of ZRL's equipment with modern operational facilities. The proposed project is firmly oriented towards utilization of existing assets, rather than investment in new ones. 2. Specific Objectives: The objectives are to: (i) improve track to speed up running and reduce derailments; (ii) improve signalling and communication to give greater control of traffic moving on the system; and (iii) provide maintenance spare parts for the equipment/machinery of track and communications to increase and maintain ZRL's availability. The project also envisages studies leading to long-term improvements in the efficiency of railway services, thus conforming well to the general transport strategy of GRZ. This would enable the transport sector to fulfil its function of transporting domestic and external traffic at minimum cost and production sectors to have recourse to road transport for the movement of bulk commodities.


The project consists of the following: (i) the relay of 66 km of track using 80 lbs/yd rails with welded joint laid on prestressed concrete sleepers. (ii) casual renewals of wooden sleepers and rails on the main route and branch lines on the copper belt area. (iii) replacement of out-dated open wire poly system supporting the signalling and telecommunications --------------------------------- (i) Replacement of out-dated open wire pole system supporting the signalling and telecommunications by radio communications; (iv) technical assistance for improvements in the locomotive availability, reliability, reliability and utilization and replacement of some wagons; (v) improvement in workshop facilities and procurement of spare parts; (vi) repair and rehagilitatin of the trainig workshop and buildings; (vii) procurement of spare parts for varius track machine and signalling and telecommunications system, wagons, locomotives and other transport equipment; (viii) improvement the maintenance, planning control and quality by computerized system of production; (viii) provision of equipment for workshop, including connected civils works for the repairs; (ix) technical assistance for implementation of training objectives; (x) fellowship training inside Zambia and abroad; and (xi) technical assistance required by ZRL in fields of operation and maintenance. The ADB component consists of items (i), (ii) and (vii).


Increased efficiency and additional capacity fo the ZRL.


Increased efficiency and additional capacity fo the ZRL.