Project Details
ID: P-ZM-E00-003 Name: CENTRAL PROV. RURAL WATER/SANITATION Status: Closed Country: Zambia
Sector: Water Sup/Sanit Approval date: 08-déc-2000 Task Manager: ASSEFAW Mecuria, RDGS4
Total cost: 13990000
Currency: UAC
Source(s) of financing
ADF: 12410000
Government: 1580000


1. To provide adequate and sustainbale water supply and sanitation services to approximately 583,100 people living in the Central Province of Zambia.


The project will comprise public campaigns to promote use of adequate water supply, improved sanitation and personal hygiene in the rural areas of Central Province of Zambia in order to generate the demand for these services. Using the resources provided under the project, beneficiary communities will be mobilised, trained and organised in order to carry out most of the activities of the project. Existing water points will be rehabilitated, and new ones developed including protected hand-dug wells and shallow boreholes. Windlasses or hand pumps will be installed as necessary. The project will provide partial inputs to enable the people to construct pit latrines. The project will also train selected local people in various skills including carpentry, masonry and pump installation and repair. These artisans will be engaged during project implementation as well as during operation and maintenance. Tools will be provided for such repair work.


This is a demand responsive programme whereby the communities will be assisted as they identify their own needs and express wish for assistance to develop the services. The aim is to foster the sense of ownership so that people continue to take care of the services to ensure sustainability.


As part of sector reforms, GRZ has adopted water supply, sanitation and health education (WASHE) programme as a vehicle to promote these services in the Rural areas. WASHE is an integrated approach whereby enabling environment and resources are provided for the people to implement and look after these facilities themselves. A District- WASHE (D-WASHE) Committee has been created in every district in the country to undertake public campaigns, then mobilises and provide support to the people in developing their own services themselves. For the WASHE programme to be effective, inputs in form of financial resources are required to complement people's efforts to develop these services themselves. The proposed project will go along way in providing such essential input required by the people in the rural areas of Central Province to develop their own water and sanitation services.