Project Details
ID: P-ZM-IA0-001 Name: EDUCATION II PROJECT Status: Closed Country: Zambia
Sector: Social Approval date: 24-aoû-1992 Task Manager: PONTEFRACT Caroline, OSHD2
Total cost: 15915780
Currency: UAC
Source(s) of financing
ADF: 13815780
Government: 2100000


To contribute to increased access and improved quality and equity of primary and secondary education.


The project involves 1) the rehabilitation, expanssion, furnishing and equipping of 24 Primary schools in rural areas, and provision of in-service training to the teachers at these schools; 2) strengthening of the National In-service Teachers College (NISTCOL) through the rehabilitation and construction of facilities, furnishing and equipping of these facilities, and training of staff; 3) rehabilitation and construction of facilities, furnishing and equipping the facilities, and training of staff at two secondary schools, David Kaunda and Hillcrest; 4) strengthening of the national school maintenance capacity through the provision of training and equipment; 5) support to project management through the provision of technical assistance and equipment.


- Manpower requirements met; - Maintenance capacity of social infrastructure increased; - The integration of women into the mainstrean can of technical and scientific activities will impact on community and national development; - From a technical point of view, the project will complement the impact of an earlier junior secondary education project financed by the Bank.


The project is consistent with major requirements of the educational reform adopted by the Gov't of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ) in 1978, namely an icrease in education opportunities, and an improvement of the effectiveness of instruction, especially at the basic education level.