Project Details
ID: P-ZW-F00-001 Name: ELECTRICITY II (ADB/ADF) Status: Completed Country: Zimbabwe
Sector: Power Approval date: 20-nov-1990 Task Manager: FIKRU Bizuneh, OINF3
Total cost: 35217000
Currency: UAC
Source(s) of financing
ADF: 11050000
AfDB: 12640000
Cofinanced: 314000
Government: 11213000
Implementing Agency: GOUVERNEMENT DU BURUNDI Location: Throughout Zimbabwe


The objective of the project is to meet the supressed electricity demand in identified areas within the national grid through extension and reinforcement of transmission and distribution networks.


The project involves (a) construction of lines (110 km 132 kV line, 155 km of 33 kV, 1,765 km of 11 kV, 30 km 0.4 kV); (b)erection of substations (1 of 132/33 kV, 30 MVA and 1,938 of 33/11/0.4 kV, 503 MVA); (c) 19,908 service connections; (d)installation of 9,300 street light points;(e) provision of 13 vehicles.


The availability of electricity to the industrial, business and household sectors would promote economic growth and improve the quality of life of the population.


The rationale of the Project is to increase the accessibility and reliability of electricity to consumers through the rehabilitation and extension of the transmission and distribution networks of the national grid with a view to promoting the socio-economic development of the country.