Project Details
ID: P-ZW-F00-004 Name: ELECTRICITY III Status: Completed Country: Zimbabwe
Sector: Power Approval date: 11-déc-1997 Task Manager: FIKRU Bizuneh, OINF3
Total cost: 55643000
Currency: UAC
Source(s) of financing
AfDB: 35247000
Cofinanced: 9014000
Government: 11382000


The project aims at making available adequate and reliable electricity to the various sectors in Harare to promote economic development and improve quality of life.


The project involves (a) construction of lines (146 km of 33 kV, 25 km of 11 kV); (b) erection of substations (2 of 132/33 kV, 2x45 MVA and 11 of 33/11 kV 2x16-2x25 MVA);(c) erection of 20 of 11 kV panels; and (d) connection of 15,000 consumers.


The Project through strengthening the electricity network in Harare will (a) provide reliable power to the socio-economic sectors, which will lead to increased economic activities; (b) relieve the house- hold sector from hardship involved in the collection and utilization of fuel-wood and reduce the depletion of the country's forest resources; and (c) will enable ZESA to operate the network in Harare efficiently with reduced network losses and voltage drops.


The Project will provide reliable and good quality electricity to existing consumers and meet the forecast demand in Harare City. The Project will also generate sufficient returns (FIRR=12.1%) to service the debts and cover the operational and maintenance expenses. The availability of the reliable power to various economic sectors would generate micro-economic and social benefits through (a) creation of employment opportunities as a result of increased businesses; (b)improvement in the quality of life through the utilization of electricity in place of fuel-wood; and (c) improvement in the environment through minimization of the depletion of forest resources through substitution of fuel-wood by electricity in the household energy consumption.