Project Details
Sector: Multi-Sector Approval date: 24-jan-2017 Task Manager: KAMANGA Fenwick Dingiswayo, RDGS4
Total cost: 3000000
Currency: UAC
Source(s) of financing
ADF: 3000000


The development objective of the proposed project is to support Government to strengthen the result based management system focusing on planning and budgeting and results monitoring


Project description 11.1 Project Components: The proposed project has two mutually reinforcing components: (i) Strengthened Result Based Management System; and (ii) Reviewed State Enterprise and Parastatals Performance. The activities are summarized in Table I below and details in Annex I and Annex VI.Table 1: Project Description Governance and Institutional Strengthening Project II (GISP II) UA 3.0 million Component 1: Strengthened Result Based Management System (UA 1.25 million) Objective: Strengthen accountability, transparency, oversight, management for results in national development agenda and improve service delivery. The project will cover training, ICT equipment and technical assistance. Key activities will include: o Technical assistance to develop an a integrated national planning and annual budgeting process legal framework o Training for facilitation of a participatory planning and budgeting process o Training on evidence-based planning and budgeting o Training on macroeconomic planning and resource allocation.o Training on designing realistic expected results for development o Technical assistance to review the ZimASSET with a view to improve indicators and targets for results monitoring o Training on linkages between national policies and priorities with budgeting o Technical assistance to develop M<(>&<)>E system for results monitoring o Technical assistance to develop RBM o Provision of ICT equipment for M<(>&<)>E Component 2: Reviewed State Enterprise and Parastatals Performance (UA1.25 million) Objective: Improve efficiency, effectiveness and operations of the State Enterprises and Parastatals. Project will support training, ICT equipment and technical assistance. Key activities will include: o Technical assistance to review a select number of parastatals' relevance to current conditions o Technical assistance to undertake performance audit for a select number of parastatals o Technical assistance to review the proposed turn-around strategies for the selected parastatals o Capacity building for SERA and selected parastatals o Training on Corporate Governance implementation o Provision of ICT equipment for selected SEPs and SERA o Training on M<(>&<)>E framework development o Technical assistance to develop a SEPs reform framework Component 3: Coordination and Institutional Support to the Implementing Agency UA0.5 million This will finance monitoring and evaluation activities, staff training, audit, and operational activities of the Project Management Unit (PMU).


Social Impact and Poverty Reduction. The strengthened capacity to implement result based management and improved efficiency of the State Enterprises and Parastatals will improve service delivery and quality of life for the people of Zimbabwe. The strengthened linkage between the national plan priorities and policies, budget formulation, and public expenditure management processes will enhance credibility and predictability of the budget management processes and service delivery.Improved efficiency of the State Enterprises will make them operate commercially and reduce the burden on the treasury. This will create fiscal space for social development and job creation. National Plans with time bound measurable indicators and targets will enhance monitoring for results and allocative efficiency that will consequently reduce poverty.


<H>IX.Project Rationale </><H>9</>.1PRSP and CSP/RISP's priorities, key development issue(s) project is aiming to address 9.1.1Alignment with the Bank's strategy: The proposed project is well aligned with the priorities of the Zimbabwe Country Brief, 2014-2016.The objectives of the Country Brief include support for governance and institutional capacity building, focusing on public oversight institutions and natural resources management. It is also in line with the Bank's Long Term Strategy 2013-2022 (governance and accountability);the Bank's High Fives (improving the quality of life for people of Africa); Gender Strategy 2014-2018 (gender mainstreaming); and the Governance Strategic Framework and Action Plan, 2014-2018 (public sector and economic management). The project is also in line with the Bank Group's Strategy on Addressing Fragility and Building Resilience in Africa. The project will focus on strengthening capacity of Government, strengthening institutions and promoting transparency and accountability.9.1.2Alignment with the strategic plan of the Government: The project is consistent with the objectives and priorities of the ZimASSET, 2013-2018. The objectives are to reduce poverty, create jobs, maintain macroeconomic stability, and restore the economy. The development priorities are: infrastructure development, human development and poverty reduction, employment creation, entrepreneurship and investment promotion, maintaining macroeconomic stability, good governance and combating corruption, prudent and transparent natural resources management, ICT and science and technology, and gender mainstreaming.The result areas for these priorities are improved transparency and accountability, strengthened oversight role, and improved efficiency in the use of public resources. The proposed project will focus on strengthening result based management to enhance achievement of national goals and efficiency of parastatals to operate on commercial basis. SOEs are drivers of national transformation and RBM is a means to implement ZimAsset and improve service delivery, hence the two complement each other.9.1.3Complementary and synergy with the ongoing operations: The proposed project complements the previous and ongoing projects. The ongoing projects are focused on strengthening PFM, economic management and capacity of Government institutions (refer to Annex III). There is, however a need to complement these by improving the result based management system, monitoring and evaluation, as well as improve linkages between planning and budgeting. Performance of the State Enterprises and Parastatals and corporate governance also require to be improved so that SEPs can operate on commercial basis and contribute to the national treasury.



EOI - Performance Review - ZINARA - Institutional Support for State Enterprise Reform and Delivery Project (ISERDP)

The Government of Zimbabwe has received a grant from the African Development Fund to finance the Institutional Support for State Enterprise Reform and Delivery Project (ISERDP)   and intends to apply part of the agreed amount for these grants to payments under the contract for consultancy services to provide technical Assistance in carrying out a special performance review, development of turn around strategies and operationalization of the strategies Zimbabwe Road National Administration.