Projects and Operations

ID Project name Country Status Approval
P-MG-AA0-014 2EME LIGNE DE CREDIT AGRICOLE A LA BTM Madagascar Completed 22-mar-1979
P-TG-B00-002 2EME LIGNE DE CREDIT BTD Togo Completed 26-mar-1980
P-LR-B00-002 2EME LIGNE DE CREDIT LBDB Liberia Completed 13-sep-1974
P-CV-E00-001 2EME PROJ. EAU & ASSAIN. MINDELO Cape Verde Closed 15-mar-1990
P-GH-AA0-002 2ND L O C. TO THE AGRICUL. DEV. BANK Ghana Closed 13-déc-1984
P-ZM-B00-003 2ND LINE OF CREDIT TO DBZ Zambia Completed 22-mai-1980
P-NG-AA0-003 2ND LINE OF CREDIT TO THE NACB Nigeria Closed 18-déc-1990
P-ZW-B00-002 2ND LINE OF CREDIT TO ZDB Zimbabwe Completed 13-déc-1993
P-LS-HB0-001 2ND LINE-OF-CREDIT TO LNDC Lesotho Closed 15-déc-1994
P-Z1-AA0-029 2ND PHASE AFRICA PROJECT DEVEL.FACILITY Multinational Completed 28-aoû-1990
P-KE-AAG-001 2ZOIA SUGAR PROJECT Kenya Completed 18-aoû-1977
P-TG-KA0-001 2Þ PROG. AJUST. STRUCTUREL Togo Closed 24-aoû-1992
P-TN-HAA-009 2ÞME L C. A BQE TUNISO-QUATA D'IN Tunisia Completed 17-juin-1991
P-TN-HAA-007 2ÞME LIGNE DE CREDIT A LA BTEI Tunisia Completed 17-juin-1991
P-MA-DA0-004 3 EME PROJET AEROPORTUAIRE Morocco Completed 16-avr-2009
P-TN-HAA-006 3EME LIGNE DE CREDIT A LA BNDT Tunisia Completed 11-juin-1990
P-MA-AZ0-003 3EME LIGNE DE CREDIT A LA CNCA Morocco Completed 17-juin-1986
P-TN-AAC-004 3MENAGEMENT DE SIDI EL BARRACK Tunisia Closed 20-oct-1993
P-TN-HA0-002 3Þ L C. A BDET (BDET III) Tunisia Completed 16-mar-1982