Projet de construction du port de Maio et du port de San-Niclau


  • Référence: P-CV-DD0-005
  • Date d'évaluation: 15/07/2014
  • Présentation au conseil: 21/03/2018
  • Statut: PipelinePIPE
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The location in Ponta do Pau Seco has been chosen among alternative locations, studied in the Master Plan, and the construction was studied in a technical feasibility study, which led to select for the 1st phase (Phase 1) one alternative (Alternative A), not including the construction of fishing infrastructures, and areas for fuels and solid bulk yards. The Phase 1 Alternative A includes the following Works: "A main breakwater, about 600 m length and a quay at - 7,00 m (ZH), 120 m length, attached to the breakwater; "A ro - ro ramp for fast and conventional ships, located at the north end of the quay attached to the breakwater; "A revetment at -7,00 m ZH, about 120 m length, perpendicular to the breakwater, provisional until the construction of the quay for dry bulk cargo; "A revetment with variable bottom depths ranging from -7,00 m (ZH) until 0,00 m ZH level parallel to the breakwater, creating the bord for yards to be built; "Specific dredging to provide vessel access and a turning basin; "Pavements of the quay and yard zones (about 3,6 hectares) "A new branch road providing access to the port (extension 2,725 km).


The project of the new port of Maio favors the improvement of social conditions in this very isolated island suffering of great difficulties to access some products and services that are necessary to a minimal quality of life. The future port infrastructure will contribute positively to break the isolation and alleviate the current living conditions. It is expected that, in the medium and long term, the creation of infrastructure for shipping and tourist accommodations will contribute to a gradual eradication of poverty, reflected in better performance leading to higher income, improved feed conditions, lower difficulties in access to health and enable greater domestic comfort. It is believed that the proposed creation of the new port of Maio, together with tourism development, may cause significant social impacts in the rural population, by improving the accessibility to local market and that of other islands, which is a major condition to boost agriculture and farming sector, extending to the families, who work in these activities, the possibility of increasing their income and their food security.

Contacts clés

MOHAMED Ali Ismael - RDGW3

Coûts estimatifs

UAC 30.000.000