Ain Sokhuna Thermal Power Generation Project


  • Référence: P-EG-FAA-014
  • Date d’approbation: 22/12/2008
  • Date de début: 16/11/2009
  • Date d'évaluation: 14/08/2008
  • Statut: En coursOnGo
  • Agence d'implémentation: EEHC / EDEPC
  • Emplacement: El-Ain Al-Sokhna in Ettapa District


The project involves the construction of a 1300 MW (2x650 MW) supercritical steam turbine power plant located adjacent to the sea port of Ain Sokhna on the Gulf of Suez. It consists of the following major components:

A.Civil Works, B.Supply and Installation of Equipment, C.Environmental Monitoring, and D.Project Management/Wrap up insurance.


To increase generation capacity of clean, reliable and sustainable electricity supply for meeting partial demand on the Unified Power System (UPS) in the short-to-medium term.


The intervention of the Bank has been requested as a result of the country's urgent need to fill the power shortfall. The Bank has developed a track record of expertise in this field in Egypt having completed 8 power projects and currently financing 2 on-going power projects. The proposed project is envisaged to benefit from the synergies that have been created with the two ongoing projects that the Bank is financing. Finally, the loan shall be financing part of the total costs of the project hence the Bank will benefit by consolidating its collaboration strategy with other development partners.


The expected impact of the project during implementation and operation will be income opportunities through employment creation, and sale of goods and services in construction materials and services required during implementation. Manufacturers of related equipment for the steam turbine generators will benefit, and specialist contractors for tasks such as plant modifications, equipment overhaul, periodic maintenance, etc will also benefit. During construction, it is expected that on average 1500-3000 people will be employed of which 80% will be locally recruited. This will translate into a cash injection of US$1.9 million per year through wages and salaries. In addition the plant is expected to employ approximately 330-680 staff during operations.

Contacts clés

EL-ASKARI Khaled Mohamed Samir - RDGN1


Source Montant
BADUSD 286.646.113
GovernementUSD 348.138.711
Co-financierUSD 643.361.276
DeltaUSD 2.734
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