• Référence: P-EG-FF0-009
  • Date d'évaluation: 22/05/2016
  • Présentation au conseil: 21/09/2016
  • Statut: PipelinePIPE
  • Agence d'implémentation: --
  • Emplacement: EGYPT


Design, construction and operation of a 50 MW solar power project to be implemented under the Egyptian Solar Photovoltaic Feed-in Tariff ("FiT") Program, an initiative where the Government of Egypt ("GoE") seeks to implement 2,300 MW of Solar PV projects. The project will be constructed in Benban, 40km north of Aswan, and where the direct solar radiation is 2,280 kWh/m2. The Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company ("EETC") will construct the required substations and transmission lines with interconnection cost of EGP 0.53 m per MW. Financial close is expected in Q3 2016, and construction is expected to last approximately one year.

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LI Jing - PERN2

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