Electricty Transmission System Improvement Project


  • Référence: P-ET-FA0-008
  • Date d’approbation: 06/12/2010
  • Date de début: 24/10/2011
  • Date d'évaluation: 21/07/2010
  • Statut: En coursOnGo
  • Emplacement: TIGRAY,OROMIYA, SNPP and GAMBELA Regions


The project consists of construction, on a turnkey basis, of four (4) 230 kV transmission lines and related substations. The lines and substations to be constructed are as follows:

(i) 140 km of 230kV Metu - Gambela line

(ii) 352 km of 230 kV Koka-Hurso transmission line

(iii) 141km of 230 kV Alamata-Muhoni-Mekele line

(iv) 315 km of 230 kV Alaba-Hossana-Wolkite-Gilgel-GibeI-Jimma-Agaro-Bedele transmission line

(v) Construction of associated twelve extensions and new substations,

(vi) Upgrading of four major substations in Addis Ababa

(vi) Consultancy Services (project supervision and management, Audit services and Addis Ababa Distribution master plan study) and (vii) Compensation and Resettlement


The Bank's Country Strategy Paper (CSP) for Ethiopia (2005-2009) seeks to support two strategic pillars; namely:

(i) Economic Growth and

(ii) Empowerment and Governance. Within the Economic Growth pillar, the focus is on: (a) Infrastructure Development (prioritizing power, roads and water and sanitation) and (b) Agriculture and Rural Development. The Bank's assistance strategy is part of the international donor community's coordinated support for the implementation of the Government's Plan for Accelerated and Sustainable Development to End Poverty (PASDEP) covering the 2005/06-2009/10 period. A key objective set in the PASDEP is to increase the country's generating capacity from 791 MW in 2005 to 2,842 MW by 2010, particularly through the development of the country's hydro power potential (estimated at over 45,000 MW but developed at less than 5% of this potential capacity to date).

The project is intended to provide sustainable power for Northern, Eastern and Southern part of the country, will allow the transmition of reliable power from the interconnected system, will facilitate the implementation of the rural electrification program and reduce high transmission losses and improve system efficiency, stability and reliability. As such, the proposed project is in line with the Bank CSP and the Government's PASDEP (2005/06-2009/10).


The project will benefit rural communities in the project area as well as consumers on the national grid. Industries, agriculture, the commecial and social (health and education) sectors and tourism will all be beneficiries of the project. The contractors, and consultants will also benefit from the project.

Contacts clés

ABIYEHOY Girma Mekuria - RDGE4


Source Montant
FADUAC 151.750.000
GovernementUAC 23.060.000
TotalUAC 174.810.000