Water Supply and Sanitation Project


  • Référence: P-GM-E00-002
  • Date d'évaluation: 13/12/1901
  • Présentation au conseil: 13/12/1901
  • Statut: PipelinePIPE
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The study constitutes a major need to support the existing sector studies and development activities in The Gambia. The study will provide a programme of investments in the water supply and sanitation services to satisfy the projected future needs of a study area and prepare for implementation a project for immediate intervention in the water supply and sanitation sector. The study as a whole will be a guide to the authorities in charge of planning and operation and maintenance of water supply and sanitation services as well as to the present and future allocation and management of water resources.

The preparation of the master plan as proposed in the present study will support and complement the Government's efforts to review its sector policies and strategies by providing a strategic development plan for physical works country wide to consistently guide and regularly review the operations of the sector. The master plan will enable producing a staged implementation plan and a capital expenditure programme in order to ensure sustainable development in the sector in the medium and long term periods. In addition, the preparation of the first stage of the works for implementation including rehabilitation and expansion works will contribute in improving the physical conditions of the water supply and sanitation services in the study area including solid waste and drainage facilities and consequently the health situation and eventually the living conditions of the population. The study will complement the Bank's past support in water supply and sanitation sector and interventions by other donors.

The study will assist a large part of the population in the study area in reducing poverty and promoting for sustainable social and economic development through the provision of basic services and infrastructure which complies with the Government Strategy for Poverty Alleviation and the National Policy for Socio-Economic Development as contained in the Gambia Vision 2020. The study is in line with the Bank's policy and strategy to direct assistance for poverty reduction through direct pro-poor interventions via new operations in the social and rural infrastructure. It also supports the water supply and sanitation sector policy towards decentralization, community participation, demand-driven approach and cost-recovery principles. The study satisfies the Bank Group's policy on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) as well as the Government's National Environmental Management Act and the Public Health Act.

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