• Référence: P-SL-A00-003
  • Date d’approbation: 17/07/2016
  • Date de début: 15/12/2016
  • Date d'évaluation: 21/03/2016
  • Statut: En coursOnGo
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The envisioned ENABLE-YOUTH project will support: a) Development of an enabling policy and business environment to incentivize entry of youth entrepreneurs in the Agriculture sector; b) Skills and entrepreneurship training in Incubation platforms so as to enable youth to champion improved production and evolution of competitive Agribusinesses; c) provision of business development and support services to enable agriprenuers to transition from incubation platforms to self-sustaining businesses. The business development component would include: preparation of business plan and financial support through start-up grants and financial intermediation with Commercial Financial Institutions. A PPF grant would be used to prepare analytical studies that would in turn inform the Project and appraisal document for the project. Project preparation activities will define a baseline and identify country-specific challenges that need to be taken into account to develop a project that takes into account the local context. The preparation activities would therefore seek to:

(i) Identify and address supply-side labor market challenges that hinder employability of youth;

(ii) Improve Labor demand (youth employment) in Agribusiness;

(iii) Provide institutional and regulatory support for reducing barriers to entry for youth in Agriculture.


The Project Development Objective (PDO) is to create decent and gainful employment and income generation for the youth in Sierra Leone by building a cadre of agriprenuers that meet the labour demands of competitive agribusiness ventures. A Project Preparation Facility (PPF) advance will be used to carry out feasibility and other preparation studies for the Empowering Novel Agribusiness-led Employment for Youth in African Agriculture (ENABLE-YOUTH) Project.


The proposed ENABLE-YOUTH Project is aligned with the GoSL's vision to use Agriculture as an enabler for Economic Diversification and youth Employment. While Agriculture holds high potential for youth employment, labor participation in the sector has typically garnered low-value addition and therefore low remuneration. The ENABLE-YOUTH approach supports development of market-driven agribusiness skills that would empower programme graduates to emerge as managers and entreprenuers for Agribusiness. As such, the programme targets graduates of tertiary institutions/young business leaders. The project would provide additionality for complementary youth employment programmes such as: Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment Programme (Liberia and Sierra Leone); Multi-national Post-Ebola Recovery Social Investment Fund (Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia); Youth Employment and Empowerment Program (UNDP); Youth Empowerment Programme (GiZ); the Youth Farms Programme (Ministry of Youth Affairs- MYA). The ENABLE-YOUTH project would benefit from lessons learned in the design of similar programmes in: Benin, Cameroon, D.R. Congo, Kenya, Nigeria, Malawi, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda.


The envisaged impact of ENABLE-YOUTH is a reduction in youth unemployment and deepening private sector engagement in Agribusiness in Sierra Leone. Envisioned outcomes include: emergence of profitable agribusinesses; enhancement of production and productivity for strategic value chains and emergence of niche roles for youth in Agribusiness (e.g .innovations in ICT and payment systems for Agribusiness, extension, etc.).

Contacts clés

TUCKER Christian Aboidun Darlar - RDGW4


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FADUAC 544.500
DeltaUAC 500
TotalUAC 545.000
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