• Référence: P-ST-H00-002
  • Date d’approbation: 03/02/2017
  • Date de début: 20/12/2017
  • Date d'évaluation: 05/07/2016
  • Statut: En coursOnGo
  • Agence d'implémentation: BANQUE NATIONALE SAO TOME ET PRINCIPE
  • Emplacement: Nationwide


The project will entail procuring the various elements (hardware, software, training, disaster recovery center) for upgrading Dobra 24, and ensuring that it meets the relevant international standards with regard to safety and efficiency. The upgraded system should meet the preconditions to be certified by international card schemes, such as Visa and Mastercard. Throughout the process, there should be a constant focus on the adequate management of risks, in particular general busi ness risk, financial risks and operational risks (including ensuring business continuity). The planned improvements should include the possibility to process mobile payments, hence contributing to financial inclusion. The estimated cost is about USD 1.5 to 2 million,

The activities include:

(i)Procurement and installation of an upgraded solution for Dobra 24 payment's module, including the necessary replacements /upgrades in hardware and software, with a view to ensuring resiliency, scalability, redundancy, and a high-level of availability of the system, and in general ensuring a high level of compliance with international standards;

(ii)The procurement of a new data center and a disaster recovery center to ensure a high level of security and business continuity; these should have the capacity to also host the ATS system in phase 2;

(iii)The implementation of the necessary equipment and processes to obtain Visa/MasterCard PCI-DSS certification;

(iv)The procurement and installation of additional modules allowing for the safe and efficient processing of mobile payments and additional services such as bill payment and payment of government taxes;

(v)The reinforcement of SPAUT's capacity to manage the new system and adequately manage operational risks and on-the-job training and knowledge transfer; and

(vi)Strengthening the capacity of SPAUT for efficient system maintenance and management through specialized training programs.


The broad development goal of the project is to promote a competitive financial sector and financial inclusion in S




i) The main beneficieries will be;

(ii) Commercial Banks in Sao Tome,

(iii) The population and tourists;

(iv) Hotels operators and

(v) Women who are engaged in cross borader trade

Contacts clés

NDIAYE Mohamed Rachid - RDGS3


Source Montant
FADUAC 1.500.000
TotalUAC 1.500.000
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