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  • Référence: P-SZ-E00-005
  • Date d’approbation: 18/06/2014
  • Date de début: 22/05/2015
  • Date d'évaluation: 15/01/2014
  • Statut: En coursOnGo
  • Agence d'implémentation: Swaziland Water Services Corporation
  • Emplacement: SWAZILAND


1.3 Proposed intervention for water supply and sanitation: the Ezulwini Water Supply project consists of the design and construction of the raw water intake, raw water pipeline, treatment plant, reservoir, delivery mains and auxiliary works. It will service the town of Ezulwini and surrounding areas including Mvutjini, Lobamba, Ludzidzini, and Buka. Two technical options have been explored with detailed advantages and disadvantages with full feasibility studies. The estimated cost for implementation is E190 million and E 250 million for option one and two respectively. 1.4 As for sanitation, the proposed intervention is to The Ezulwini sewerage system proposal comprises the design and construction of a Waterborne Sewerage System for the area of Ezulwini. It will service the town of Ezulwini and portions of Lobamba i.e. from Mvutjini to Ludzidzini along the Old Manzini- Mbabane Highway corridor. The system will consist of a sewerage reticulation network, collectors, outfall sewer, Gravity Mains, Pumping Mains, Pump Stations and Pre-Treatment Plant and other ancillary works. This pre-treatment plant will then be linked either to the existing Sewage Treatment Plant located at Ezulwini through a pumping main or to Matsapha Sewerage Treatment Plant through a gravity outfall main. The detailed feasibility study is ready and preliminary costing is about E 90 million. 1.5 The expected outcome is to improved potable water supply and access to sewerage system to the Ezulwini Valley which will reduced population levels and improve quantities and equality of sanitation. This will result in reducing morbidity and mortality. Moreover, the development in the area will attract new business and provide employment opportunities and also impacts on the MDG goal of reducing by 2015, half the proportion of people without access to safe drinking water and sanitation facilities.


1.2 The objective of this proposed intervention is to provide water supply and sewerage infrastructure that will deliver sustainable safe drinking water to the Ezulwini Valley. Ezulwini Valley is located almost centrally between the two municipalities of Mbabane and Matsapha. The area has a number of hotels, motels and other holiday resorts as well as training establishments and offers prime residential land. There are also plans to construct a new Convention Centre and Theme Park in the Valley under the Millennium Development Projects Programme. Ezulwini has been recently declared a town and now has a local authority to guide its development. Estimated population is about 25,000 head and high number of tourists visiting every year.

1.1 Current water supply and sanitation: The SWSC offers a limited water supply services to the Valley. The supply is inadequate, unreliable and intermittent due to:

(i) the existing Water Treatment Plant (WTP) dependent on a small but perennial stream,

(ii) intermittent supply during winter and dry season,

(iii) new water source required to ensure reliable of water supply, and

(iv) New source to meet demand requirements of the Ezulwini - Matsapha corridor and particularly the science and Biotechnology Park. 1.2 In addition, the area has no comprehensive water sewer reticulation system. All existing developments have private sanitation arrangement comprising either individual or communal septic tanks of soak pits. This is posing an environmental challenge since the existing water supply system depends on ground water. Recently the SWSC completed Sewage Treatment Plant to the Easter boundary of the Ezulwini Valley that serves the City of Mbabane. The proposed project is to connect the sewer network for the Ezulwini Valley to this existing Sewage Treatment Plant.

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