Tanzania Road Sector Support Project I


  • Référence: P-TZ-DB0-018
  • Date d’approbation: 02/12/2009
  • Date de début: 30/05/2010
  • Date d'évaluation: 31/08/2009
  • Statut: En coursOnGo
  • Agence d'implémentation: TANROADS -Tanzania National Roads Agancy
  • Emplacement: Central and southern Tanzania


The Tanzania Road Sector support Project consist of the following:

(i)Upgrading of 450 km of trunk roads including Dodoma - Iringa road and Tunduru-Namtumbo road (part of Mtwara corridor that Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) is considering co-financing with Bank).

(ii)Technical assistance for (a) capacity building of the executing agencies, Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS), (b) transport sector reforms in Zanzibar's Ministry of Communication and Transport, and (c) capacity building of the contracting capacity in East Africa.


The project objective is to improve the essential road transport infrastructure in the central and southern parts of Tanzania in order to reduce road maintenance, vehicle operating costs and travel time between Dodoma and Iringa, and Tunduru and Namtumbo. In the wider context, the project roads will contribute to regional integration by improving the north-south connectivity between Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya and Ethiopia while the Tunduru-Namtumbo as part of the Mtwara Corridor will improve the link between the Mtwara sea port and its hinterland, northern Mozambique and Malawi.

The performance indicators will be improved transport service and lower transport costs along the road to be measured by assessing the road roughness, estimating vehicle operating costs and traffic volumes.


Dodoma - Iringa road is part of the Great Pan African North - South highway from Cape to Cairo. The road section will also serve the agriculturally rich highlands of Iringa which produces high grade tea cash crop for export and for domestic market. Dodoma is the political capital city of Tanzania and the parliament sits here. The road is high on the priority of the government and the road was in the Bank proposed project list for funding under ADF X

Tunduru - Namtumbo road is a section of the Mtwara to Mbamba Bay corridor. The 800km Mtwara to Mbamba Bay road provides the backbone transport infrastructure with cross-border linkages to northern Mozambique and into Malawi and Zambia across Lake Malawi. The Government of Tanzania is promoting the development of a whole range of economic investment opportunities along Mtwara corridor.

Tanzania including Zanzibar recognizes that the low capacity of the executing agencies and the contracting market has limited its ability to implement projects. Zanzibar has identified the need for deep and extensive transport sector reforms to separate the policy and regulatory functions from operational activities, and to rationalise the way transport sector is managed.


Farmers and people of Iringa who will be connected to the capital city of Dodoma with an all weather road and the regional traders (Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania).

The opening up of road connectivity between Mtwara port ad Mbamba Bay have great potential to promote the development of natural resources on the Mtwara corridor as well as connecting northern Mozambique and Malawi to the nearest port of Mtwara.

Capacity building in TANROADS will improve its project implementation capacity and improve disbursements. The road sector reforms in Zanzibar will result in commercialization basing road management on the 'user pay principle'.

Contacts clés

AGUMA Bassy Jeremy - RDGE3


Source Montant
FADUAC 152.000.000
ACFAUAC 48.965.864
GovernementUAC 29.570.000
DeltaUAC 74.136
TotalUAC 230.610.000
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