HEST TVET - Skills Development for Labor Market


  • Référence: P-TZ-IAD-001
  • Date d’approbation: 02/04/2014
  • Date de début: 27/01/2015
  • Date d'évaluation: 20/12/2013
  • Statut: En coursOnGo
  • Emplacement: Tanzania


The proposed project will be implemented during a period of 5 years, and will consist of the following components

Components Component 1. Increasing access and improving the quality and equity of TVET The TEVET sub-sector will be supported through the provision of infrastructure and equipment; capacity building through staff and technical and vocational education teacher training; labor market surveys and tracer studies; curriculum review; and ICT connectivity; provision of technical assistance.

Component 2. Capacity building for secondary teacher education in science and mathematics The teacher education system will be supported through the provision of new infrastructure and rehabilitation of existing infrastructure; provision of equipment and ICT connectivity; training of staff; review of the curricula.

Component 3.Project Management The component will provide operating costs for administration, coordination, supervision of project activities; technical assistance; and impact evaluation study.

Resources by component (UA million) Total ADF Component 1: 25.83 23.90 Component 2: 8.90 8.80 Component 3: 3.05 1.30 Total 37.78 34.00

Sources (UA million): ADF: 34.00; Government: 3.78


The development objective of the project is to enhance human resources development in order to support inclusive economic growth. The specific project objective is to contribute to increased access and improved quality and equity of technical vocational education and training and to build capacity for secondary teacher education in science and mathematics.


Expansion of TVET and preparation of skilled work force as well as improving the quality of education are some of the main features of the country's educational policy. Despite the increased expansion of secondary education and tertiary education, on average about 600,000 primary and secondary completers are not able to proceed to respective further education annually. Furthermore, according to FYDP, there is a significant skills gap that needs to be filled over the next 13 years. High skills occupations need to be increased by about five folds while medium skills occupations by three fold. To meet the demand for increasing access to post primary and post secondary education and also bridge the skills gaps in the country, enrolment in TVET needs to be expanded. Bank support for increased access and improved quality of TVET is therefore appropriate.

The project will assist in addressing the shortage of science and mathematics secondary school teachers. Although enrolments at the secondary level increased by about one half times in the last four years, the expansion has not been matched by improvements in the quality of education provided. The inadequate supply of qualified secondary school teachers, especially in the crucial areas of science and mathematics and particularly in rural areas, contributes to this poor performance of secondary schools. Bank support for building capacity for the production and deployment of qualified science and mathematics secondary school teachers will assist in reducing the shortage and is therefore appropriate.


The project will benefit various constituents in Tanzania. These include the students from rural areas who will attend the new regional vocational education training centers established by the project at regions where there none at present; students attending the teachers' and technical colleges where the teaching and learning conditions have been improved by the project through the upgrading of teaching facilitates and training of staff; and staff from education institutions and Ministry of Education receiving training that will upgrade their skills.

Contacts clés

SIMBA Hamisi Seif - RDGE2


Source Montant
FADUAC 34.000.000
GovernementUAC 3.780.000
TotalUAC 37.780.000
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