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  • Référence: P-UG-DB0-023
  • Date d’approbation: 31/10/2018
  • Date de début: 31/10/2019
  • Date d'évaluation: 09/03/2018
  • Statut: ApprouvéAPVD
  • Agence d'implémentation: UGANDA NATIONAL ROADS AUTHORITY
  • Emplacement: Uganda


The tentative components of the project are:

(a) Civil works for; the construction of the express highway from Kampala - Jinja (77 km) and ;

(b) Consultancy services for the above civil works as per the PPP scheme:

(i) Mitigation of HIV/AIDS, STI and TB;

(ii) Monitoring of ESMP implementation and baseline data collection;

(iii) Capacity enhancement;

(iv) Consulting Services for Technical and Financial Audit

(c) Compensation and resettlement


The sector goal is to contribute to socio-economic development, poverty reduction and regional integration through improved and sustainable transport system that links centers of economic activity. The project objective is to improve sustainable road access and quality of transport service levels in central Uganda in order to reduce road maintenance costs, vehicle operating costs and travel time and by so doing, provide access to the majority of the people to socio-economic facilities and integration to the rest of the country thereby contributing to poverty reduction; support regional integration and cross border trade with neighboring land-locked countries.


The rationale behind the Kampala - Jinja road is that the road provides a strategic link on the northern corridor; provides a high standard road for the expected increase in transport; improve access to markets, social and health services and employment possibilities for residents within the zone of influence

As part of UNRA's overall strategy to responding to the country's economic needs; ensuring connectivity and access; and increasing private sector participation in line with the PPP policy, the Kampala - Jinja project road has been identified as potential PPP candidate project for a comprehensive road toll PPP scheme.


Improvement of the road network reduces transport costs, travel time and provides benefits to communities through affordable transport thereby increasing their mobility and related economic activity. The primary beneficiaries are road users, traders and farmers. Important economic benefits to be derived as a result of road improvement include increase in agricultural production from the farm holdings within the road's zone of influence; regional integration and cross border trade with the neighboring land locked countries.

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Source Montant
BADUSD 164.401.391
Co-financierUSD 150.453.510
DeltaUSD 2.072
TotalUSD 314.856.973
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