Trans-Gambia River Crossing Project


  • Référence: P-Z1-DB0-046
  • Date d’approbation: 16/12/2011
  • Date de début: 22/10/2012
  • Date d'évaluation: 21/09/2011
  • Statut: En coursOnGo
  • Emplacement: Trans-Gambia Highway and Cross Borders


The proposed project components under Phase I are: a. Bridge and Road Works: In The Gambia the works include:

(i) Consultancy services for design review, pre-contract services and supervision of works;

(ii) construction of 942 m pre-stressed concrete bridge;

(iii) construction of 990m road access embankments; and

(iv) Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP). b. Cross Border Improvement measures in both countries comprising of:

(i) detailed studies design and supervision of One Stop Border Posts (OSBP);

(ii) construction (2 No.) and equipment of OSBP, weigh and toll facilities;

(iii) capacity building (seminars, tours, sensitization); and

(iv) Joint Techncial Committee activties; c. Related Activities in The Gambia comprising of development of social infrastructure including:

(i) design and supervision of feeder roads and markets;

(ii) rehabilitation of feeder roads; and

(iii) construction of 2 markets; d. Project Management activities in both countries including:

(i) Technical Assistance to the Executing Agency in The Gambia;

(ii) Project Monitoring and Evaluation;

(iii) Technnical and financial Audits; and

(iv) Project Coordination Activities; e. Cross cutting and complementary components in The Gambia include:

(i) HIV/AIDS/STI awareness and prevention programs;

(ii) Road safety awareness and education campaigns targeting children, cyclists, pedestrians, and public service operators; and

(iii) compensation of Project Affected People (PAP).


The objectives of the Project are to facilitate overland traffic flow between the Northern and Southern parts of both The Gambia and Senegal, and by extension between the ECOWAS Member States. The Project is expected to improve transit and accessibility of the communities in the project's zone of influence to markets and social services. The expected outcomes include

(i) reduced transport cost;

(iii) enhanced potential for trade thereby contributing to poverty reduction among communities on the corridor and the region as a whole; and

(iii) improved road safety.


The project responds to the challenges outlined in The Gambia's Country Transport Sector Policy (under review) and Senegal's Transport Sector Programme (TSP 2010-2015) that aims to drive accessibility and regional integration. The Bank's involvement stems from the following:

(i) the Trans-Gambia Road Transport Corridor is an economic and strategic link connecting the northern and southern parts of both The Gambia and Senegal, and by extension ECOWAS countries through the Dakar -Lagos corridor. It thus supports regional integration and is consistent with the Bank's key focus areas of infrastructure and regional integration as contained in the Bank's Medium-Term Strategy (MTS 2008-2012) and Pillars 2 and 3 of the Regional Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (RPRSP) for West Africa;

(ii) the project is consistent with the two countries development objectives; and

(iii) the Bank is involved in similar regional flagship projects and will therefore leverage its wealth of experience and leadership.


The construction of the bridge will allow free traffic flow between the northern and southern parts of both The Gambia and Senegal. The project will therefore reduce travel time, boost trade and reinforce cohesion among communities which were previously isolated. The project will facilitate the transportation of agricultural products to markets reducing post-harvest losses and boosting socio-economic activities.

Contacts clés

MWILA Aaron Katambula - RDGW4


Source Montant
FADUAC 66.730.000
GovernementUAC 630.000
TotalUAC 67.360.000
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