• Référence: P-Z1-DB0-107
  • Date d’approbation: 28/03/2017
  • Date de début: 28/03/2018
  • Date d'évaluation: 02/08/2015
  • Statut: ApprouvéAPVD
  • Agence d'implémentation: UGANDA NATIONAL ROADS AUTHORITY (Multinational)


The tentative components of the project are: (a) Civil works for; The project from Uganda side is the improvement of the Kapchorwa- Suam Road, 77 kilometres located in eatern Uganda, from the present gravel to bitumen. The project from Kenya side is the upgrading of Suam - Kitale 45 km located in western Kenya, linking with Uganda at Suam. (b) Consultancy services for:

(i) supervision of the two civil works for the above;

(ii) feasibility and detailed engineering design studies of two roads;

(iii) transport and trade facilitation

(iv) Road Safety;

(v) Mitigation of HIV/AIDS, STI and TB;

(vi)Monitoring of ESMP implementation and baseline data collection; (vii) Consulting Services for Technical and Financial Audit (viii) capacity buiding component for the two roads Authority; (ix) feasibility and detailed engineering design studies of two roads; (c) Compensation and resettlement.


The objective of the project is to improve access and connectivity between Uganda and Kenya as well as to simulate economic activity in the eastern parts of Uganda and western part Kenya. This will further foster transport linkage with Rwanda and Burundi thereby promoting international trade. The project development objectives are two-fold: at regional level, the objective is to contribute to improving road transportation and trade facilitation along the Suam border; and at national level, the development objective is to contribute to improving transport services in the Kapchorwa- Suam and Suam - Kitale area to stimulate and support local economic activities. The expected project outcomes are, improved transport services (reductions in vehicle operating costs and travel time); improved processing time for clearance of imports and exports, and improved safety.


The Kapchorwa- Suam - Kitale are regional roads via Suam (border of Uganda and Kenya) and meet regional and national social-economic growth strategies. The rationale behind the Kapchorwa- Suam - Kitale road is that the improvement of the road will promote the effort of the Government in poverty reduction through improvement of road infrastructure in the two countries by providing all weather access for the supply of farm inputs and evacuation of produce to major market centers, thus improving the level of service and efficiency of the road network. It will also support regional integration and economic co-operation between Uganda and Kenya.


Improvement of the road network reduces transport costs, travel time and provides benefits to communities through affordable transport thereby increasing their mobility and related economic activity. The primary beneficiaries are road users, traders and farmers. Important economic benefits to be derived as a result of road improvement include increase in agricultural production from the farm holdings within the road's zone of influence; regional integration and cross border trade between Uganda and Kenya.

Contacts clés

KATALA Jumbe Naligia - RDGE3


Source Montant
BADUAC 28.328.000
FADUAC 41.462.000
GovernementUAC 8.330.000
TotalUAC 78.120.000
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