Projects and Operations

ID Project name Country Status Approval
P-Z1-D00-004 ACHAT D'UN DC 10-30 Multinational Completed 24-jan-1973
P-ZR-DB0-001 CONST.PONTS KWANGO-WAMBA-BOMBO & LUFIM Dem Rep Congo Completed 06-mar-1973
P-SL-AAG-001 GAMBI-MATTRU OIL PALM PROJECT Sierra Leone Closed 15-mai-1973
P-TZ-AA0-012 LINE OF CREDIT I (P) Tanzania Completed 15-mai-1973
P-ZM-B00-006 LINE OF CREDIT (I) Zambia Completed 28-juin-1973
P-GH-AA0-008 DEVELOPPEMENT DE RIZ NASIA Ghana Completed 17-sep-1973
P-SD-DC0-002 RAILWAYS PHASE II (ADB) Sudan Completed 17-sep-1973
P-BW-GB0-001 EXT. & MODER. O TELECOMMUNICATIONS Botswana Completed 06-nov-1973
P-CG-DZ0-003 A.T.C.II Congo CG Completed 06-nov-1973
P-DZ-EBC-001 BOUNAMOUSSA II Algeria Completed 06-nov-1973
P-CI-DD0-001 DRAGAGE ENTREE CANAL VRIDI Côte D'Ivoire Completed 19-déc-1973
P-ZR-GB0-003 TELECOMMUNICATIONS Dem Rep Congo Closed 19-déc-1973
P-ML-AAZ-001 OPERATION PUITS (PHASE 1) Mali Completed 16-jan-1974
P-ML-DB0-004 ETUDE DE LA ROUTE SIKASSO-KIGNA-DIOILA Mali Completed 16-jan-1974
P-MR-EAZ-003 ETUDE DE 14 BARRAGES DANS LE TANGANT Mauritania Completed 16-jan-1974
P-GN-EA0-003 AMEL.&.EXT.RESEAU DISTRIB.D'EAU CONAKRY Guinea Completed 17-jan-1974
P-GN-GB0-002 EXT. & MODER. RESEAU TELECOM. Guinea Completed 20-Feb-1974
P-BJ-DB0-004 ETUDES ROUTE DOGBO-AZOVE Benin Completed 22-mar-1974
P-SZ-AAC-001 NGWAVUMA IRRIGATION STUDY Swaziland Completed 22-mar-1974
P-TD-EBC-001 IRRIG. PLAINE SATEGUI DERESSIA (I,II) Chad Completed 22-mar-1974