CTF Project Preparation Grant for 200mw Wind Project in Gulf of Suez


  • Référence: P-EG-FE0-002
  • Date d’approbation: 29/11/2011
  • Date de début: 12/09/2012
  • Date d'évaluation: 18/12/2010
  • Statut: En coursOnGo
  • Agence d'implémentation: "NREA ,20 PROJECT NO 27,"
  • Emplacement: GULF OF SUEZ


Two main activities are foreseen under this PPG: 1) Complete Technical Feasibility Study for the wind project to provide a thorough assessment of wind farm implementation, an investigation of integrating the wind farm into the Egyptian unified electricity grid and an estimation of the site-specific costs of wind energy generation; and 2) technical assistance to NREA to prepare the bidding documents for the project.


The objective of this PPG is to help NREA undertake some preparation studies for the 200 MW wind farm project, including the technical feasibility study and preparation of the bidding documents in order to prepare for project implementation.


The Egyptian Government has adopted a strategy targeting to supply 20% of its electric energy demand from renewable energy by 2020. Wind energy is expected to contribute up to 60% of the 20% target. The Egyptian Government has allocated an area of 1228.7 km2 (according to the Presidential Decree No. 168 of 2009) in the Gulf of Suez for wind farm projects. Initial analysis suggests that the average wind speed in the project area exceeds 10.5 m/s. Presently, about 720 MW wind farms in cooperation with Germany, Japan and Spain are under development in the Gulf of Suez. The proposed PPP wind project will be a further step towards the wind target and will provide a new model for wind energy development based on partnership between the public and private sectors.


The PPG will help complete all the necessary preparatory studies necessary to start implementation of a 200 MW wind farm project. The project will help increase the installed power capacity in the country, increase the share of renewable energy, and help the country diversify its energy sources.

Contacts clés

EL-ASKARI Khaled Mohamed Samir - ONEC2


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