Health Sector Reform Programme II


  • Référence: P-EG-IB0-003
  • Date d'évaluation: 17/06/2010
  • Présentation au conseil: 20/10/2010
  • Statut: LendingLEND
  • Agence d'implémentation: MINISTRY OF HEALTH
  • Emplacement: 6 Governorates


According to previous discussion with the Egyptian Government, ADB would cater for the hardware side of the transformation process, which may include the following: "Facility Rehabilitation/Construction - this would involve minor and major rehabilitation as well as ensuring the availability of auditorium, nursing skill lab simulators, library, classrooms, and student services area. "Equipment and simulators for the skill lab - This would involve procurement of models and skill learning equipment for surgical, medical, obstetric, and paediatric nursing. "Library - IT hardware, web-based e-learning, and hard and electronic learning materials would be procured. The above orientations will be re-discussed in light of the Nursing Master Plan, which GOE is preparing


To upgrade nursing schools into technical nursing institutes in 6 Governorates (El fayoum, Bani suief, Qena, El menya, Asiut, and Sohag).


As part of Government's effort to improve the provision of health care services, the MOHP is implementing a strategy to upgrade nursing knowledge, practice, attitude, performance and professional behaviour with a view to improve patient care. This is part of a wider human resource strategy, which includes the long-term planning and reorientation of health human resources, with outputs appropriate in volume, profile and distribution, and skills commensurate to the reformed services and the new paradigm for health.

For that purpose it is planned to transform nursing schools into technical nursing institutes. Transformation of nursing schools to technical institutes is intended to equip nurses with necessary skills to meet the challenges of their profession and the large communicable disease burden and the increasing Non-Communicable Disease burden.


The nursing capacity will be improved, which will result in enhanced availability and quality of health services.

Contacts clés

SERGENT Fabrice Jacques Michel - OSHD3

Coûts estimatifs

UAC 52.000.000