Rural Travel and Transport Support Project


  • Référence: P-ET-D00-003
  • Date d'évaluation: 15/07/2007
  • Présentation au conseil: 16/10/2007
  • Statut: PipelinePIPE
  • Agence d'implémentation: ETHIOPIAN ROADS AUTHORITY
  • Emplacement: 12 Districts in (SNNP, Oromia, Gambella)


The project components to be financed consists of:

(i) Civil works: Construction of 1300 km of rural roads using labour based methods in 12 Weredas (Districts)

(ii) Consultancy Services for supervision and audit

(iii) Technical Assistance to Project Implementation Unit & Training of contractors in labour based methods

(iv) Micro-credit for individuals/associations in the project zone of influence for non motorized mode of transport to improve mobility and accessibility


The objective of the project is to improve in a sustainable manner the accessibility and mobility of the rural population to social and economic facilities and thereby reduce the transport burden of the rural poor.


The programme implementation would:

(i) reduce the proportion of farms that are more than half a day's walk from the nearest all weather road from 65% to date to 25% by end of the programme in year 2012,

(ii) reduce the walking distance of the rural households to less than three hours walk to reach any type of motorable road,

(iii) increase use of the conventional and intermediate means of transport, and

(iv) improve accessibility to socio-economic facilities through better siting.


Different stakeholders and the country as a whole will benefit from the inplememtation of the RTTP. Particularly the farmers, the women will have better access to social and economic facilities, to intermediate mode of transport which will reduce distances from farm to market. This will increase income to rural households. The Project will also enhance capacity building for village level development associations in planning, resource mobilisation and road building and maintenance.

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Coûts estimatifs

UAC 44.000.000