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AfDB Partnership Strategy

The Bank’s partnership portfolio has considerably increased in diversity and complexity in recent years, largely due to its enhanced institutional credibility and visibility as Africa’s premier development finance institution.  A growing number of various types of partners are willing to renew and strengthen their cooperation with us. In particular, since 2007, the institution has enjoyed rapidly growing requests to build partnerships from around the world; and its partnerships have emerged in the domains of trust funds, co-financing, technical cooperation, secondment, staff exchanges, special initiatives, and research and knowledge partnerships. 

The objectives of the Bank’s partnership strategy are to: 

  • Re-position the Bank as Africa’s premier development finance institution in the increasingly dynamic and complex global partnership landscape;
  • Focus its partnership management in alignment with the Bank’s priorities and ongoing institutional reforms so as to avoid strategic drift;
  • Proactively and strategically manage partners’ rapidly growing demands and high expectations in partnering with the Bank; and
  • Demonstrate the results achieved through partnership to both internal and external stakeholders, including our client regional member countries.

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