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ADFI will intervene along four key pillars aimed at scaling innovative digital financial inclusion and increased integration throughout the continent. This will include infrastructure, including payment systems development and payment systems interoperability; digital products and innovation; policy and regulatory reform and harmonisation; and capacity building.

By 2030, the ADFI fund and the Bank will deploy up to USD 400 million in the form of grants and loans to scale up digital financial services to various entities including banks and non-bank financial institutions, mobile network operators, remittance and payment service providers, FinTech companies, government ministries, regulatory bodies and regional economic organizations.

ADFI-funded projects will demonstrate a positive impact on the livelihoods of low-income consumers and in particular on women and vulnerable communities through the provision of suitable and sustainable products and services. ADFI-funded projects will also directly contribute to the economic integration of Africa through provision of scalable interoperable payment systems both nationally and regionally.

Financial inclusion and digital financial services cut across all sectors. To optimise the Bank’s resources and increase the fund’s impact, the ADFI team will work with personnel across all complexes in the Bank to identify and implement projects.