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Rapport annuel des FIC 2013

Welcome to the AfDB CIF 2013 Annual Report. In this report, we invite you to explore developments in the AfDB CIF portfolio, which has significantly advanced from design to implementation during the past year.

As the report shows, AfDB has fast-tracked its CIF work. By the end of December 2013 the full $1 billion portfolio of 16 AfDB-supported CIF investment plans across Africa was endorsed and ready for implementation. All FIP and PPCR projects are approved and underway; one of 7 SREP projects is under implementation and an additional 5 are under preparation; and 4 CTF projects are being implemented, with several others under preparation. In addition, to engage the private sector, project concepts supported by AfDB were awarded special CIF funding for forests in Burkina Faso, DRC and Ghana, renewable energy in Kenya and Mali, and climate resilience in Mozambique.

AfDB has carried out all this work through a five-point strategy detailed in the report: fast-tracking toward results; implementing clean energy, resilience, and forest sustainability; strengthening private sector engagement; scaling up outreach; and scaling up knowledge for transformation. We hope that this report provides you with valuable information and adds to the growing knowledge base on how to finance climate-smart development.

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