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Rapport annuel des FIC 2015

Welcome to the AfDB CIF 2015 Annual Report. In this report, we invite you to explore developments in the AfDB CIF portfolio, which is helping Africa move climate-friendly development to the front burner and serves as an important support for the Bank's ambitious goal to triple climate financing by 2020.

As the report shows, in 2015 three evolving developments helped catalyze the portfolio's advancement.

First, half of the 54 countries in Africa have signed up to run CIF pilots-some with pilots in multiple CIF programs. There are now 5 pilots under CTF, 11 under FIP, 9 under PPCR, and 14 under SREP.

Second, we have begun to help countries find ways to synergize the means by which they achieve green development goals, and we are seeking cross-collaboration between the CIF work and other climate finance mechanisms.

Finally, we are coming to better understand how our work with CIF has provided additionality in the AfDB core portfolio. The unique CIF working model has helped open doors for innovative approaches and has helped AfDB restructure its support to Africa in a climate-smart way.

The report also takes a look at important knowledge achieved during the year and provides an overview of the 16 approved projects.

Some expected results shown in the report include: in CTF approved projects, 2.13 million tons of CO2 emission avoided per year; in SREP pilots, significant annual increase in electricity from renewables; in PPCR approved projects, a measure of gender balance; and in FIP, 204,000 hectares of sustainably managed forest in Burkina Faso.

We hope that this report provides you with valuable information and adds to the growing knowledge base on how to finance climate-smart development.

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