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UNDP also serves as an interlocutor between the Government of Kenya and other development partners and has been instrumental in promoting good governance, enhanced environmental and climate change management and effective use of the country’s resources towards poverty eradication, sustainable and inclusive development for improved welfare of all Kenyans.

UNDP discussed with the Government of Kenya through the Ministry of Planning, National Development and Vision 2030 and organized a Regional Conference in November 2012. The consultative forum was an opportunity to exchange ideas and promote learning from experiences of other countries that have been through this process before, in order to accelerate the country’s learning curve and minimize potential pitfalls. The regional conference set the stage for the development of a framework of cooperation with key action points that would guide the Government of Kenya and partners in the governance and utilization of resources in the extractive sector.

The discussions deliberately considered the devolved government structure. The thematic focus of the conference centered on: (i) legislation, policy and planning, (ii) macroeconomic stabilization and revenue administration, (iii) investing for development – investing in host communities and addressing inequalities, (iv) environmental sustainability and conflict mitigation, (v) inclusivity, human rights and mitigation of vices, such as child labour.

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