Context and Alignment with the Bank's Priorities

The strategy will further the Bank’s strategic priorities.

The Ten Year Strategy (TYS) focuses on inclusive growth and green growth as critical to transformative and sustainable economic growth in Africa. This strategic stance is further reinforced by the Bank’s priorities - Feed Africa, Power Africa, Industrialize Africa, Integrate Africa and Improve the Quality of Life for African people. The Bank’s Human Capital Strategy (2014-2018) has clearly outlined the need to focus on Africa’s demographic dividend. If Africa does not provide mechanisms to engage the growing youth population, jobless growth will continue and the continent could fall into economic stagnation. JfYA helps to address this challenge.

Jobs for Youth in Africa also supports the Bank’s Gender Strategy, supporting skills development and the creation of entrepreneurial opportunities that support gender equality. 50% of JfYA beneficiaries will be female youth. Similarly, JfYA also enhances the Bank’s efforts to support countries affected by fragility, crises, localized conflict, or post-conflict situations by emphasizing jobs and human capital development as a necessary condition to long term sustainable peace and security.