Flagship Programs

The Jobs for Youth in Africa Strategy has selected three sectors with high potential for youth inclusion for the initial flagship programs: agriculture, industrialization, and ICT. The Flagship Programs follow a unique approach, aimed to ease the design and implementation of individual projects. The program models outline the rationale, project components, and intended outcomes of each Flagship Program, providing a clear guide for design and implementation of projects.

  • Rural Microenterprise Flagship Program Model: This program will provide youth with capital, skills training and mentorship to launch agriculture-based micro enterprises.

  • The ENABLE Youth (Empowering Novel Agri-Business Led Employment) program: This program will help young African men and women incubate new larger scale agri-businesses and support them in accessing financing for the growth of these businesses.

  • Agro-industrialization Pipeline Flagship Program Model: This program will develop a pipeline of skilled labor for agro-industrial companies.

  • Skills Enhancement Zone Flagship Program Model: This program will develop a skilled workforce aligned to employer needs by creating demand-led training and job placement programs within industrial clusters.

  • Computational Thinking Flagship Program: This program will introduce digital literacy, logical thinking, and complex problem-solving curricula in secondary schools.

  • Coding for Employment Flagship Program: This program will develop premier coding academies and match graduates directly with ICT employers.