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Liste exhaustive des publications STAARS

Les articles et documents produits à ce jour se répartissent entre documents de travail (Working Papers Series) et synthèses économiques (Economic Briefs), toutes rendues publiques sur le site de la BAD.

En voici la liste exhaustive (en date de novembre 2017) :

Séries de documents de travail

En instance de publication ou en cours de rédaction :

1. Diversification and productivity in African Agriculture: Evidence from Uganda, Kibrom Tafere

2.  How important are production risks in explaining low fertilizer use in SSA?, Yanyan Liu

3. Agricultural seasonality, underemployment, and labor productivity, Ellen McCullough

4. Rethinking the food basket: Dynamic household choices and the use of cash versus food transfers, Joanna Upton

5. Identifying Heterogeneous Welfare Dynamics, Linden McBride

6. The Development of New Markets for Agricultural Technologies, Brian Dillon

7. Intergenerational Effects of Childhood Shocks on Human Capital: Evidence from Ethiopia, Kibrom Tafere

8. Factor Misallocation, Market Distortions and Agricultural Productivity: The Case of Smallholder Farmers in sub-Saharan Africa, Adamon N. Mukasa

9. The role of Information, Social Learning and Social Influence on the Demand for Index-Based Livestock Insurance, Andinet D. Woldemichael

Synthèses économiques

En instance de publication ou en cours de rédaction :

1. Long term consequences of consumption seasonality, Paul Christian et Brian Dillon

2. Occupational choice and agricultural labor exits in Sub-Saharan Africa, Ellen B. McCullough