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Skills & Education

Africa needs to harness the brainpower of its young dynamic population to spur technological revolution, economic competitiveness, and prosperity for the continent.
Consequently, the Bank has strategically channeled its investments towards supporting private sector led Education projects such as: establishing centers of excellence in higher education, science and technology, building and rehabilitating science and technology infrastructure and linking it to productive sectors, as well as providing innovative ­financing for education, including technical vocational training.

The African Development Bank is strengthening Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) curricula. It also facilitates the teaching of Information and Communications Technologies in schools to prepare the youth for the digital economy.  Through targeted support for quality and employment-oriented technical and vocational education, the Bank contributes to the increase in skilled  middle-level human capital across Africa. 

Japan Africa Dream Scholarship Programme (JADS)

The Japan Africa Scholarship (JADS) Program – capacity building in energy sector through skills development for sustainable development – is a joint
initiative by the African Development Bank and Japan with the aim to provide two-year scholarship awards to highly achieving African graduate students to enable them to pursue post-graduate studies (i.e. a two-year Master's degree program) in priority development areas on the continent and abroad (including in Japan).

The overarching goal that the Bank and the Government of Japan seek to attain is to enhance skills and human resource development in Africa in priority areas pertaining to science and technology with special focus on the energy sector. JADS's objectives are aligned with the Bank's High 5 agenda (i.e. Light up and power Africa, Feed Africa, Industrialize Africa, Integrate Africa and Improve the quality of life for the people of Africa) and key Japanese development assistance initiatives to Africa, and the 6th Tokyo International Conference for African Development (TICAD VI).

African Education Fund (AEF)

The AEF is to serve as a unique Africa-initiated, continental level education fund, designed, owned, led and managed by Africans to develop the human capital needed for transformation.

It seeks is to provide strategic support for the development of more efficient and effective education systems that are relevant and financially sustainable. It intends to draw a substantial part of its funding from African sources to give meaning to ambitions for African ownership, continuity, accountability, and long-term sustainability. It will complement rather than compete with existing funding mechanisms, seek to fill financing gaps and serve as a mechanism for mobilizing additional resources for educational investment.