Activités à l'île Maurice

Overview & key elements of interventions in Mauritius

  • The African Development Bank Group commenced operations in the Republic of Mauritius in 1978.
  • It has invested over USD 150 million on concessionary terms in all sectors of the country’s economy.
  • In the water and sanitation sector, the Bank has financed three projects and two studies for close to USD 50 million.
  • The Bank’s funding in the water and sanitation sector is fully in line with the country’s Strategic Development Plan and the Bank’s 2009 – 2013 Country Strategy for the country.
  • Past flagship projects in the water and sanitation sector completed in the country with Bank financing include:
    • The 1989-2009 Mauritius Wastewater Master plan Study
    • The Port Louis Water Supply Project
    • The Port Louis Sewerage , Stage III Project

Recently completed projects

  • Mauritius Wastewater Master Plan Study: The Wastewater Master Plan Study (USD 0.85 million) was completed in December 2012. Under the study, a phased programme for a 20-year period for wastewater infrastructure development was formulated and feasibility studies priority areas prepared. The projects that will emanate from this study will serve to enhance the protection of water resources, as well as the country’s coastal environment and its outer islands of Rodrigues and Agalega.
  • Plaines Wilhems Sewerage Project Lot IB (USD 10.36 million and EUR 7,820,000): This project which was completed in September 2012 was designed to be implemented as a sub-component of the Plaines Wilhems Sewerage Project – Stage I (total cost of about USD 199 million) to be completed in December 2013.The outputs from the integrated project include an increased waste-water treatment capacity at the St. Martin Waste Water Treatment Plant, increased trunk sewer capacity in the Plaines Wilhems district, increased area with secondary reticulation and collector sewers, increased sewerage connections, decreased water infiltration into sewers and better separation between the storm water and sewage systems.

Latest update May 2013