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The African Development Bank’s Industrialization Strategy for Africa 2016–2025 defines Six Flagship Programsto best leverage its experience, capacities and finances to fast-track industrialization in Africa. To deliver on these programs, the Bank is committed to significantly increasing its funding levels over the next decade.

Flagship One: Foster successful industrial policies

The African Development Bank will provide policy advice and technical assistance to governments (regulatory and institutional frameworks, implementation and monitoring) and also fund key public private partnerships projects.


Flagship Two: Attract and channel funding into infrastructure and industry projects

The African Development Bank will contribute to increasing and channeling funding into programs that boost GDP (private or publicly operated infrastructure and industrialization projects). It will assist operators in raising their own investment or in acquiring domestic or foreign investment from others as strategic investors or mandated lead arrangers.


Flagship Three: Grow liquid and effective capital markets

The African Development Bank will contribute to improving access to market finance for African enterprises by advising governments, stock exchanges and regulators on developing liquid capital markets or investing directly in capital markets to increase liquidity.


Flagship Four: Promote and drive enterprise development

The African Development Bank will contribute to the development of large, small and medium enterprises. It can also scale up investment and financing to lend to SMEs, provide technical assistance to strengthen SME-focused entities and establish linkages of SMEs to domestic projects or companies, and provide training to ensure a strong talent pool.


Flagship Five: Promote strategic partnerships in Africa

The African Development Bank will contribute to linking African enterprises and major projects with potential partners and investors through promotional activities, including the African Investment Forum. It can also assist in facilitating and managing investor relations (e.g. contract negotiations).


Flagship Six: Develop efficient industry clusters across the continent

The African Development Bank will support governments in developing efficient industry clusters continent-wide through technical assistance and funding in implementation and monitoring.