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Revues sur l’efficacité du développement 2019

Revue annuelle de l’efficacité du développement (RAED) - 2019

Each year, the Annual Development Effectiveness Review (ADER) provides an overview of Africa’s development and assesses the contribution the African Development Bank (AfDB, or the Bank) has made to that progress. The ADER is an important tool that helps the Bank take stock of where we are performing well and where we can do better.

The theme of this year’s ADER is Africa’s integration. Greater integration across the continent can drive progress towards economic growth and poverty reduction. We explore progress toward this goal and explain how our operations are contributing to this progress. The ADER also reviews progress on the other four High 5s and our crosscutting priorities of governance, fragility, gender and climate change, including their contribution to our Integrate Africa objectives.

The ADER assesses progress against the Bank’s Results Measurement Framework (RMF) for 2016–2025, monitoring the contribution of our activities to our High 5 priorities —Feed AfricaLight Up and Power AfricaIndustrialise AfricaIntegrate Africa, and Improve the Quality of Life for the People of Africa— and to our long-term goals of promoting inclusive and green growth. It also measures the progress we have made on strengthening our portfolio and reforming our internal systems and processes, to position us better to deliver development results for Africa.

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