Rapport d’achèvement de projet/programme



Burkina Faso - Third Poverty Strategy Support Loan (PRSSP III) of UA 30,000,000 Approved on 14 December 2005 - Completion Report

The PRSSP III aimed to support the economic reforms initiated by the Government since 2000. It was a loan disbursed in two equal tranches totaling UA 30 million. The operation thus served to consolidate the reforms pursued through PRSSP I to II. PRSSP III was approved on 14 December 2005. The first and second tranches of each, UA 15,000,000 (fifteen million) i.e. (50% of the total) were respectively disbursed in September 2006 and September 2007.

Senegal - Private Sector Adjustment Support Programme (PSASP ) - Completion Report

The Private Sector Adjustment Support Programme (PSASP), supported by the international community, reflects Senegal’s commitment to pursuing reforms aimed at reducing internal and external imbalances and creating an enabling environment for business and private sector development. The PSASP is consistent with Senegal’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP), adopted in March 2002, and which considers private sector development as an area of focus and endorses the private sector development strategy. In line with Senegal’s 2002-2004 Country Strategy Paper (CSP), the Programme aims essentially...

Mali - Quatrième programme d'appui a l'ajustement structurel - (PAS - IV) - Rapport d’achèvement

To stabilize government finance and enhance the performance of the Malian economy, a Fourth Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP-IV) spanning the 2005-2007 period was undertaken. The main orientations of SAP-IV were inspired by the lessons drawn from the continuing reform process, initiated since the devaluation of CFA Franc in 1994 and especially during the implementation of SAP-III. The programme comprised three components: (i) consolidation of the bases of growth and competitiveness of the economy around the cotton and rice sub-sectors and other agro-processing sub-sectors; (ii)...

Guinea - Diecke Oil Palm And Rubber Project, Phase III, Soguipah II - Completion Report

This completion report concerns Phase III of the Diecke – SOGUIPAH Oil palm and rubber project for which the African Development Fund awarded a loan of UA 4.82 million in 1997, representing 16 % of the total cost estimated at 30.16 million Units of Account (UA). Besides the ADF contribution, the project was also financed by ABEDA, EIB, CFD and Guinea.

Senegal - Agricultural Modernization and Intensification - Completion Report

Agriculture continues to be one of the most important sectors of economic activity in Senegal. It is, however, faced with technical, economic and financial constraints. The Government of Senegal responded to the situation with a new agricultural policy in 1984 and, in the years since then, it has continued to push ahead with reforms, including embarking on a Structural Adjustment Programme in the early 90s. In an effort to make agriculture more productive and competitive, the Government embarked on a number of measures designed to give the private sector more responsibilities in the sector....

DRC - National Capacity Building Programme Support Project (PANPURC) - Completion Report

In order to move the country out of the chaotic political, economic and social situation of the nineties, which was mainly characterized by the accumulation of considerable domestic and external public debt payment arrears, the Government initiated dialogue with multilateral and bilateral donors. However, since it was virtually impossible for any reconstruction, stabilization or sustainable economic recovery to become effective in such a context exacerbated by weak national institutional capacities, the Government, as a prelude to such an initiative, formulated a National Capacity Building...

Nigeria - First Multi State Water Supply Project - Completion Report

The Government of Nigeria has, for a long time, starting from the 1970s, made serious efforts to develop Water supply and Sanitation facilities for urban centers in the country. Towards this, the Federal Republic of Nigeria (FGN) approached the Bank Group to participate in financing the First Multi State-Water Supply Project. The Bank’s mission appraised the project in October 1990 and an ADB loan of UA 119.10 million and an ADF loan of UA 16.20 million were approved by the Bank in August 1992.

Multinational - Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC): Pilot Research/Development Support Project on Integrated Pest Management for Subsistence Farming in the Lake Chad Basin - Completion Report

The sector goal of the pilot project was to guarantee food security in four Lake Chad Basin countries (Cameroon, Niger, Nigeria and Chad). More specifically, the project aimed to reduce losses caused by the following scourges: i.e. harmful insects, weeds and crop diseases, in particular on millet and sorghum, through the development and application of integrated management techniques. The project also provided for improved regional coordination to combat these scourges and crop-destroying pests in the countries of the Lake Chad basin.

Niger - Local Health Care Sector Improvement Project in the Departments of Maradi and Diffa - Completion Report

The Local Health Care Sector Improvement Project in the Departments of Maradi and Diffa is the second Bank project in the health sector in Niger. The overall objective of the project was to improve the geographical and operational healthcare coverage in the Departments of Maradi and Diffa. 2. The loan became effective on 16 August 1995, i.e. 20 months after its approval. Implementation only really started in April 1997and continued until June 2004, i.e. 6 years after the estimated completion date. The amount disbursed from the ADF loan, as at October 2004, was UA 9,169,138.91, i.e. a...

Marocco - Education Project V - Completion Report

The Education Project V in Morocco was approved by the Bank on 24/11/1993. The Bank awarded an ADB loan of UA 30.00 million and an ADF loan of UA 10.13 million for its financing. Both ADB and ADF loan agreements were signed on 13/03/1995 and became effective on 22/10/1996. Subsequent to the previous four Bank Group-financed operations in Morocco’s education sector, this project was in keeping with the continuation of efforts to reform the Moroccan educational system and intended to improve its quality, build secondary education intake capacity and reduce the illiteracy rate. The project’s...

Gambia - Education II Project - Completion Report

As part of the Bank Group’s cooperative programme with UNESCO, the Education II project for The Gambia was identified in 1989 and prepared in 1990 by two successive Bank missions. An ADF Appraisal Mission visited The Gambia in March 1992 which resulted in an ADF project loan of UA5.4 million in 1992. The Education II project was to provide support to the Government’s efforts in implementing the then Education Sector Policy (1988-2003) whose orientation and reforms included the decentralization of central government services to education offices in the regions and the improvement of teacher...

Eritrea - Fisheries Infrastructure Development Project - Completion Report

The State of Eritrea is located in the Horn of Africa. It is bounded in the east by the Red Sea, with a coast line of about 1155 km. Fifty years ago, fishing communities in Eritrea were particularly active in harvesting the fishery resources in the Red Sea but the protracted war for independence virtually destroyed all basic and fisheries infrastructure.Fishing is one of the most underdeveloped sectors of the Eritrean economy and potentially one of the most lucrative.

Malawi - Mwanza Rural Development Project - Completion Report

The project’s immediate objectives were to: increase the incomes and welfare of the smallholder population of Mwanza District; protect the land resources, maintain long term productivity of the land; and improve the nation’s balance of payments by increasing production of export and import substitution of agricultural commodities.

Ghana - Women's Community Development Project - Completion Report

In the context of the Ghanaian Government’s efforts to encourage effective measures to improve women’s social circumstances and economic position, the Government carried out a general assessment of the female population in the country. The assessment resulted in the identification and analysis of potential areas of concern, including access to basic education, financial support in the form of credit, health care, family planning services, vocational skills, supply of clean water, etc. The project sought to extend basic social and economic opportunities to women in village communities in all...

Mauritania - Education Sector Restructuring Project - Project Completion Report

The Education Sector Restructuring Project is the Bank Group’s second intervention in the education sector in Mauritania. This project, which is based on a joint AfDB/IDA effort, aims to contribute to the implementation of new directions defined by the government to restructure the education system and improve access to, and the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of education.

Cote d'Ivoire - Education IV Project - Completion Report s

The Education IV project, which forms the subject of this completion report, is the fourth Bank Group operation in the sector in Côte d'Ivoire. The project, which cost a total of UA 59 million, was financed with an ADB loan of UA 53 million that was signed on 16 October 1992 and became effective on 11 February 1993, i.e. 4 months later, as well as with a Government contribution of UA 6 million. Its objectives were to (i) restore the functionality of the existing primary and secondary school facilities; (ii) provide primary schools in regions where they are seriously lacking; (iii) reduce...

Mozambique - Capacity Building for Poverty Reduction Project - Completion Report

Eradicating poverty in Mozambique has been one of the key Government of Mozambique’s development objectives. While the policy on poverty reduction has been in place since 1995, it was only in 1997 that an operational plan on how to address the need of the most vulnerable groups was developed. The adoption of the National Integrated Program for Social Action was one of the government’s most important blueprints for action. This program was multifaceted and sought to improve the situation of the poor through several means, among which is strengthening the capacity of national institutions whose...

Mali - Education III Project - Completion Report

The Education Project III, the subject of this completion report, is the third Bank-financed intervention in the sector in Mali. Earlier, with the basic education system in a state of chaos throughout the 80s and 90s, resulting in low school enrolment rates (39% in 1996-1997 of which 46.8% for boys compared to 31.4% for girls in the first cycle, and 13.6% in the second cycle (18% for boys as against 9.3% for girls), the Bank had financed two earlier projects approved in April 1985 and May 1993 respectively. This current project is jointly financed by the ADF and the Government at a total cost...

Mali - Third Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP III) - Completion Report

The Structural Adjustment Programme (phase III) was part of the process to consolidate reform measures that had been implemented from 1991 and especially until after devaluation of the CFA Franc in 1994, with the support of the IMF’s Enhanced Adjustment Facilities (ESAF), the IDA and ADF structural adjustment measures, alongside bilateral partners each according to its area of interest. From 1994 to 1999, the Malian economy performed well, thus attracting the support of the international finance community and gaining eligibility for HIPC resources. Notwithstanding the ground covered under the...